Would You Pay A Sub Fee For Single-Player?

RPS writes: Well? Would you?

A cynical man might say, “sure, plenty of people pay for World Of Warcraft”, but that would be more about people than the game itself. You can solo in most MMOs, but you aren’t obliged to. So, cloud-gaming streamed stuff aside, would you pay a sub for a game that didn’t have server and admin costs as an expense? (I think there’s a racing game and a hunting game that needs subs too, but let’s skip that for now.) My question is, more precisely, this: What would a single-player game have to do to make you pay for a subscription?

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Noctis Aftermath2872d ago

A single player only game can never justify a subscription fee, if it had co-op where you could play the entire game with your friends then it's possible, single player? not a chance in hell, no matter how good the game might be.

Relientk772872d ago

I would not pay for single-player

I dont play World of Warcraft or online PC games that require fees at all

I do not own an xbox/xbox 360 because of the online fees for xbox live

I will not pay for online play or single player play

Paying for online is extra BS just to get more money out of you, I think it is ridiclous

xTruthx2872d ago

I think this has been one of the dumbest questions I have ever heard

RememberThe3572872d ago

I mean the whole episodic thing didn't even work out, why would people go for this?

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