Nintendo Preparing for All Out Assault on Apple

With Nintendo seeing the possibility of its handheld market share diminish, market analysis advising lowering prices, and of course this year’s fiscal statement, it is all too evident that Nintendo needs to launch an offensive to ensure their dominant corner of the gaming world.

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frankymv2813d ago

Good luck Nintendo...

Apple is the HOTTEST tech company on the planet...PERIOD

qface642813d ago

your being sarcastic right? because they actually really aren't

anyways i laughed at that picture

Noctis Aftermath2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I hope it's something to do with the ESRB, correct me if i'm wrong, but the games on the apple app store are not subjected to the ESRB rating system, and i see no logical reason why they should not be.

If apple is forced to take each game through the ESRB the prices of all the games will go up alot, and also take more time to be released, overall that will have a huge impact on apple.

frankymv2813d ago

Who has the higher market capitalization? (apple)

Who has superior technology? (apple)

Who sets financial records every quarter? (apple)

Whose sales just decreased 18% (nintendo)

asdr3wsfas2813d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

"Who has the higher market capitalization? (apple)"

You are comparing the market capitalization of a computer, music, and multimedia company to a strict video game company that happens to own the Mariners. Since arguing theory will lose people I'll stick with an example.

MS had a higher market cap than Sony during the ps2 era for the same reasons and it meant nothing for xbox sales. MS has fingers in many pies and market cap measures all of them. Nintendo beat MS, which has a higher market cap than Apple. This argument makes no sense.

"Who has superior technology? (apple)"

Apple and Nintendo both contract for hardware and don't produce it themselves. Who used the touchscreen first?

"Who sets financial records every quarter? (apple)"

Forbes has the Reputation Institute ranking Nintendo 6th most reputable company in the world, above MS and Apple. Businessweek hired A.T. Kearney to search for the best companies and they ranked Nintendo as number one.

Nintendo has had record profits and sales for years now. Their profit fell for the first time in 6 years this quarter.

"Whose sales just decreased 18% (nintendo)"

From record highs? Compared to a company that just released new tech (ipad) this quarter in a completely different market?

Apple is very impressive but if you are counting out Nintendo you're making a huge mistake. Both these companies started by disrupting and leading their industries. Years later both used disruptive products to save their companies and return to the top. Both have survived and won huge battles against MS and Sony (Walkman vs. Ipod). You don't dismiss either before a fight. And you certainly don't predict Nintendo to lose in their own market to a newcomer with 4 meaningless questions.

gamelova2812d ago

Hey Frank, who are you calling idiots, idiot. I think we have been proved countless, countless times in the world that the underdog can come out victorious. Nintendo was expected to fail miserably with the Wii, look at them now. Better technology doesn't mean jack. The wii is dominating the industry on last gen hardware.

darkmurder2812d ago

Apples technology superior? Apple just gouge the consumer by charging for upgrades at astronomical prices and its fanboys like you who are willing to open up and let Apple slide right in and rape your wallet.

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ChickeyCantor2813d ago

But then again frank.
Sony was on top also and then Nintendo ripped the place all over.
Nintendo can do some damage...That iwata dude is one hell of a scary marketing mister.

El Botto2813d ago

Market cap is highly irrelevant.
And Apple certainly does not have the most advanced technology.

They do beat their quarterly earnings but that doesnt mean anything other than the fact that its a company with money flowing in.

As for Nintendo's sales...well Nintendo wii has sold how many millions? 100 mil? And how many Apple consoles are sold? Oh right, currently not even ONE.
Come back when Apple finally enters the gaming industry. Untill then, youre just a bigmouth.

frankymv2812d ago

I said apple is the hottest TECH company on the planet. I did not say gaming company.

Now lets compare the cutting edge apple tech with the pre-kindergarten nintendo tech....

Apple is now the most valuable company in silicon valley. Let me repeat that.....Apple is the MOST VALUABLE company in SILICON VALLEY.

Apple just had the MOST SUCCESSFUL ELECTRONICS LAUNCH IN HISTORY with the iPad. Well over 1 million units sold in 28 days.

Apple has the itunes platform which has completely re-written the rules for the music industry, and now the mobile phone industry. Apple is now getting into games.

Apple managed to break sales records even in the face of the worst recession in US history.

I repeat...NINTENDO BETTER WATCH OUT........good luck to them because they are going to need it.

asdr3wsfas2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

The touchscreen that defines Apple's current success was originally used in portable electronic devices by Nintendo years before Apple adopted it. The same holds for accelerometers used in the wiimote and iphone. ATI does the nintendo GPU and IBM makes the CPU. They are capable of developing insane hardware.

Microsoft was the most valuable company period when they released the xbox and the 360. They lost to Sony then Nintendo. Apple's value is no guarantee they can win in a particular market. Apple has hardly dented Windows market-share and they've competed there for decades.

Even besides this point you're looking at the S + P market cap. It's float adjusted and so it excludes certain shares when valuating a company. If you include all assets Apple has a market cap of $242bn compared to $275bn for MS.

You are comparing the sales of a general purpose tablet computer to a video game console. One is pure entertainment and the other is as functional as a PC. This is like comparing Windows to NES sales and concluding xbox will beat the wii.

Recall from above that Nintendo breaks sales records too. NSMB was the fastest selling single-system game in history during the same period the wii set records. This is one of many examples.

Nintendo completely re-wrote the gaming industry twice with the NES and Wii, the area Apple would compete with them in. Nintendo is the only company in these industries to address Apple's threat before they reached platform dominance. Besides the extra time this buys it should signal that Nintendo knows what they're doing.

BSigel812812d ago

Actually, the touchscreen was used way before Nintendo ever was created. Let's see…accelerometers was created way before Nintendo or Apple used them, examples of such was with automobile crash test simulations. In terms of hardware, Apple has used some dated tech…but I am happy that I don't have to sit on the phone with my grandmother telling her what's the difference between a mouse and monitor, before we can even diagnose her computers problem.

Microsoft has held that large majority of market share with the support of the business enterprise, while Apple targets education institutions, government, and creatives such as myself. When looking at market data, at the rate of Apple's growth and Microsoft's stall in terms of innovation they will be left fending off the wolves.

Microsoft's cream of the crop has been Office and Windows, which has lost a lot of people due to the Vista fiasco. They have kept that large portion of market share intact, but they have been playing catch up for many years. Windows 7 improvements=OSX Dock, Microsoft Kin/Windows Phone 7=iPhone, Microsoft Courier and concepts=The Newton/iPad…the list goes on and on.

I won't dispute Nintendo's dominance in the market, but this story just means that they are intimidated by Apple's upcoming presence.

BSigel812812d ago

Your the kind of person that gives, Apple enthusiasts a bad name…it's not hard to realize that N4G is biased against anything Apple. It reminds me of the way the PS3 was treated by extremist Xbox fans, when it was released. Who cares if they use somewhat dated tech for their products? They still use that tech to benefit a lot of people, I can't understand all of the hate…I don't know about everyone else but, the less I have to hear from grandma about her computer problems the better. Even the Adobe beef that is taking place is just redundant, it their platform and their rules. If they want Apple to let them use their cross complier toolkit then, I say tell Adobe to update the Freehand program that they bought out and stopped selling.

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fatstarr2813d ago

Smh apple needs to stay out of the games market. the only time in my life saying this is that Microsoft Sony and Nintendo need to team up and make counter forces against apple on all fronts before they get to full of themselves.

Google needs to join the war.
Droid vs iphone
DS3d and Psp2 vs iphones
Microsoft sets out their counter measures on the osx and such
adobe attacks as well.

sikbeta2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

1· N > Apple, cuz:
DS [A Real Handheld] > I-phone/I-pad/I-whatever

2· Didn't Nintendo said that Apple was Irrelevant or something like that?

darkmurder2812d ago

Also how can Apple beat Nintendo when their products don't even have an input? You can only make so many good games that work with a touch screen only.

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browngamer42813d ago

Good luck Nintendo?..are yu f--kin serious..they've only COMPLETELY decemated the competion in the handheld market(yes that includes the psp) for over 20 plus years and show no signs of slowing down..more like good luck apple..

RememberThe3572813d ago

They have shown that already.

eagle212813d ago

I want the 3DS and I haven't even seen it yet. That should show how dominant Nintendo is for handhelds. ;)

redDevil872813d ago

Fak you wrayle, fak you dorfeen and fak you apprle!

This is a joke btw lol. If it offends anyone let me know and i'll change it.

Becko2813d ago

Nintendo can't compete with iPad, iPhone nor any other apple product because those are mostly "adult expensive gadgets" not kiddies affordable handhelds... so Nintendo direct competitor is still Sony's PSP which compete on the same price level.

N4g_null2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

who said the 3ds was going to be affordable?

Also I've seen way more kids with an ipod touch than adults. I've seen more adults with a iphone than kids yet Ipad is still a tose up. I've seen way more teens with a DS. More adults will get he 3ds simply because it sounds cool!

So all they need is an app store and let devs make what ever they want and bam they just need music downloads and it's over.

ChickeyCantor2812d ago

" because those are mostly "adult expensive gadgets"

And yet the DS was claimed to be bought by old women who play brain-training.
Aaah kids these days and their crazy talk.

Also correct me if im wrong, but isnt the DS higher in sales than Iphone?

Gun_Senshi2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Sorry but Nintendo lives off Kids and Casual, iPhone is under adult expensive gadgets like said above.

Nintendo is also about gaming ONLY.

ChickeyCantor2812d ago

" iPhone is under adult expensive gadgets like said above. "

Iphone is a casual product.... Have you not seen how their Interface works? Its made for idiots.
(im not saying Casuals are idiots, plus kids are also part of the casual crowd)

Spiderman2812d ago

So using that logic the XMB is made for retards right ?

N4g_null2812d ago

Spiderman you said it he didn't LOL. I don't even think he was talking about the xmb, does apple make that now too! WOW that's crazy I though apple didn't have an HD console out!

Why are sony fans so quick to think we are talking about their products what are you trying to hide?

Pokes spiderman with a stick! explain yer self bud!

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