Rage vs. Brink: Awesome idTech Comparison

PC Games published some impressive comparison screenshots between Rage (idTech 5) from id Software and Brink (modified idTech 4 Engine) from Splash Damage. Videos inside!

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madpuppy2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

interesting elements I haven't seen before, especially in Rage. ID is really going all out to make something that they never have before. Brink, looks to have much more variety on how you gear up your character and how you play.

I have to admit, though, I will probably get Rage on the PC, I am just imprinted to play ID games at a desk :P

sid4gamerfreak2845d ago

damn those games will definitely look good on the pc....

8thnightvolley2845d ago

both games look beautiful.. but i never suspected the brink will be running on an id tech engine 4 for that matter.. in anycase it look very good.. cant wait to play them

N4g_null2845d ago

You can have 20 GB of texture data for just a one texture if you want. (using a more advanced MegaTexture approach called Virtual Texturing, which supports textures with resolutions up to 128000x128000 pixels).. This technique allows the engine to automatically stream textures into memory as needed, meaning that the developer need not concern themselves with memory restraints or texture limits of video cards yet this is hampered by slow media so all games using this engine will run off harddrives mostly. This has the advantage of simplifying the creation of content, by eliminating the need to adapt content for different platforms. The engine automatically optimizes resources for cross-platform development, making it possible to render the same models on different platforms, while only creating them for one platform, further simplifying cross-platform development. YAY That’s my fav part!

Yet brink features a movement system similar to jackie chang in quake LOL. With the added features from quake wars team based game play. There is more of a story also. Yet right now game play wise I’m looking forward to brink. Tech wise I will be learning Id tech id studio once it is released. The tools are beyond what most studios are using now.

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yoshiro2845d ago

identical graphical style in both games, and both look awsome, brink look more cartoonish while rage is trying to focus on reality...
i dont know, hard to choose the best from here

FragMnTagM2845d ago

if one is looking cartoonish and one more realistic, how are the graphical styles the same again? That is like saying Killzone and Resistance have the same graphical style.

yoshiro2845d ago

only characters look cartoonish but all the rest looks identical on both games ;)

Kingdom Come2845d ago

Looking forward to both titles, Rage wins graphically in my books but don't get me wrong, Brink still looks great.

tdrules2845d ago

Rage will look better, because id made the damn engine!

SuperM2845d ago

Perhaps but brink really should look better since its 30 fps vs 60 fps in Rage. I must say though, Rage is probably the best looking 60fps console game ive seen this far perhaps except for GT5. Makes you wonder how good Doom 4 is going to look. Id is making Doom 4 30 fps and they say they can push roughly 3 times the resources with that game since its 30fps instead of 60

Double Toasted2845d ago

Brink is also targeting 60 fps...

tdrules2845d ago

I'll be getting it on PC so it'll be 60fps on both games

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl2845d ago

and feedback from the developers using Id tech 4, I expect 5 to look amazing.

(For those who don't know, Call of Duty 2, 3, 4, [email protected], MW2 and Black Ops all use modified Id Tech engines...)

siyrobbo2845d ago

they use a heavily modified engine, modified to the extent that they dont have to pay to use it

Inside_out2845d ago

woW...people who have seen the games running claim they are breathtaking...Rage in particular is creating a buzz among industry insiders...BTW, they needed that 60 FPS other wise you would go blind during the driving scenes...2011 is so far away....Brinks coming in the fall...can't wait....

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