Gamespot: Lost Planet 2 Review

This sci-fi sequel seems like it should have everything you need in a shooter, but a shocking number of design missteps suck out much of the fun.

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Montrealien2938d ago

don't you mean ouch?

/on topic

That's pretty low, guess this is one of those games you either love, or hate.

HammockGames2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

That's not very far from the score they gave Lair - another beautiful game that was widely regarded as disappointing. And "beautiful disaster" might also apply to LP2 - and that sucks.

I'll still give LP2 a rent, but I'm going to be pretty disappointed if they really botched it up this bad.

I actually enjoyed Lair, and as with that game I'm hoping LP2 is better than this score would indicate.

Maybe the 7's and 8's from other sites are more representative...

villevalorox2938d ago

I mean the demo was amazing! I loved the 1st mp demo. Wtf happened to this game?

DelbertGrady2938d ago

I liked the first demo as well. Second demo was not that great though.

ThanatosDMC2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

The first demo also had a major flaw with smaller enemies not being on the same screen as your teammates point of view. So they look like they're shooting at nothing or getting tossed around by nothing.

I seriously hope they dont F-up Dead Rising 2!

La Chance2938d ago

The first demo really had me hyped for it...cant believe the scores Im seeing.

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cmrbe2938d ago

and to think that some x360 folks were comparing this to U2 LMAO!!. First Alan now this. All their hyped games falling flat on their faces.

Redgehammer2937d ago

to think that I had hoped the spirit of gamesmenship would sweep across the newly redesigned N4G, but alas, I guess that was to much to hope.

Blaze9292938d ago

didn't see this coming at all. Thought this would be a majority 8s and 9s kind of game. Wtf happened Capcom? Dare I wonder how Dead Rising 2 will be?

FACTUAL evidence2938d ago

I wasn't getting this POS any ways. The demo was horrid, so wasn't that MP beta. All in all, if you like this game don't let a score wield you away from it.

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frankymv2938d ago

What happened to Capcom this gen?

TheHater2938d ago

the decide to scam their consumers with charging for content on the disk

Demons Souls2938d ago

6/10 from IGN & 5.5 from Gamespot.

Flop confirmed.

Crapcom just can't make a game above mediocrity this gen.

frankymv2938d ago

I wonder if Takeuchi is simply not that good?

ClownBelt2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

My most respected site gave it a 5.5. Lmao

Sorry Capcom. It seems you need to try a little big harder next time.

Edit. They even used the music when they've reviewed Demons Souls, so I was expecting some kind of an epic game. What a let down.

2938d ago
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