Gamespot: Most Anticipated Games of E3

The biggest show in the video game industry is coming soon, and some of the most highly anticipated games of the year on all platforms will be making an appearance. Which game are you most looking forward to at this year's E3? Make your voice heard by voting in GameSpot's Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010 Readers' Choice poll.

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WinterWolf2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Seems like there are some games missing from the list. Where is The Last Guardian and Metal Gear: Rising for example...

TheHater2970d ago

The put 2 half ass sports game from EA but no The Last Guardian.

Sigh2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

well if you're subscribed to them on youtube (or watch on their site) and watched their E3 2010 preview vids, there were about 3 from the GS staff interviewed saying they were really anticipating Last Guardian out of E3 2010.

La Chance2970d ago ShowReplies(1)
SnuggleBandit2970d ago

Agent is my most anticipated (of officially announced games)...can't even vote for that.

Final Fantasy vs. XIII is probably my second most anticipated(of officially announced games)...can't vote for that.

The last guardian is probably my third most anticipated(of officially announced games)...can't vote for that.

I guess Gran Turismo 5 it is then...

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The_Zeitgeist2970d ago

I went with Fallout: New Vegas. I know its sad but I finally finished Fallout 3 this morning. 2 years and 65 hours later. God I loved that game!!!

ThanatosDMC2970d ago

Well if you havent bought the 5 DLCs then there's more Fallout 3 for you. They're worth it.

The_Zeitgeist2969d ago

I thought about it but then again I have so many games I have bought that I still need to finish.

Half Life 2
Dead Space
Far Cry 2
and Assassins Creed

Once I get those finished I was planning on picking up the newest Final Fantasy and Zelda Twighlight Princess for the Wii.

ThanatosDMC2969d ago

I barely touched the Main Quest in Fallout 3:GOTY and i've spent 150 hrs on it. I spent a lot of time in the swamp dlc map. The repeater they had is the best gun for the hunting rifle's ammo.

Yep, same here i got a ton of unfinished games.

NovusTerminus2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Yeah.... Ummm.... Where was Versus XIII?

I voted for Lords of Shadow due to my love of fantasy and sword games... But... Where was Versus XIII???

blizzard_cool2970d ago

Umm where the hell is LBP2!?!?!

and by the way:

RememberThe3572970d ago

They seem excited. I wonder what they will do differently in the sequel.

polestar42970d ago

So many games i am not looking for a sad sad list.i bet theirs some better games coming.

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