Alpha Protocol trailer demonstrates Michael Thorton's sweet karate skills

When Alpha Protocol was last seen by Joystiq, protagonist Michael Thorton was being formally introduced. Now, just two days later, he's pulverizing and/or murdering everything in his sight. The latest trailer, as you might have guessed, features Thorton in a variety of combat scenarios, showing off some Splinter Cell: Conviction-esque pistol takedowns and American Ninja-esque karate moves.

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Pedobear Rocks2938d ago

like absolute crap.

Bad AI
Sterile Environments
Poor Graphics

Come on Sega...don't publish drivel like this.


deadreckoning6662938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Where I'm from, we play a game before we judge it. And as far as graphics are concerned, they look perfectly fine to me. It ain't Gears or Uncharted, but I'm happy with them. Considering the amount of variety(weapons, RPG-esque upgrading system, multiple endings depending on how u play the game) and sandbox gameplay in this game the graphics aren't supposed to be that good anyways. Same reason why M.A.Gs graphics aren't the best since it has 256 players.


Christopher2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

It's an RPG, not an action game. That's why they show the +12 Stealth, +10 Pistol, etc. skill items and that's why the AI looks bad, but it's just designed to play differently than action games.

As far as graphics... it's not that bad looking, just not anything special. But, that's not why I play RPGs. Can't see how you can judge it so definitively with such a low resolution gameplay video, though. And I thought the environments weren't sterile and saw some detail in them. Just, again, not that great.

I'm not saying this is a good game, I'm just saying your assessments are kind of off considering what you just saw and know about the game.

despair2937d ago

from the developer diaries released last year and from a little I read about the game it seems like it might have some promise, but being cautiously optimistic cannot hurt now can it.

TruthSeeker2938d ago

I guess its not going to be on the same level as Mass Effect 2

Demons Souls2937d ago

It far surpasses Mass Effect 2. Alpha Protocol is just on a HNL.

Rainstorm812937d ago

Im confused did you just say Alpha Protocol will surpass Mass Effect 2??

Im interested in AP but i doubt that will be the case. Im just hoping its good , lets not put it on a pedestal just yet SEGA isnt that great.

Solidus187-SCMilk2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

but Its pretty obvious it isnt going to surpass ME2 or any other great game that is out.

I have a feeling this will get only decent reviews.

Ill still try it, but dont get your hopes up for a ME2 killer, Because the only game with a chance to do that is Mass Effect 3.

edit-- I dont think it looked bad just some stiff animations and how did he kill 3 people with one pistol shot there?

The gameplay looks to be stale, but Ill wait to try it because I like the RPG part of the game.

Elven62937d ago

Raiin: Obsidian is developing the game, Sega is publishing it. Obsidian has a proven track record, KotOR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, etc. A majority of the Obsidian people are from Black Isle Studios too,

- Fallout franchise
- Baldur's Gate
- Dark Alliance


A lot of people seem to be forgetting that this is an RPG first and not a shooter.

Tony P2937d ago

All AP has to do to outdo ME2 in my eyes is stay true to the RPG conventions BioWare abandoned.

I'm glad they didn't put a bunch of emphasis on fluid combat if that means they tackled the RPG side of it adequately. ME2 has greatly polished shooting... but lacking in a lot of what makes RPGs so deep.

All AP has to do to make a deeper RPG is add something as simple as a meaningful inventory.

Christopher2936d ago

I'm with you on the quality of this game. It's likely this will score between 7 and 8.5 on average. I don't think this game will get any scores at 9 or above.

Obsidian Entertainment has a very good history of taking up what BioWare has done in the past and keeping it going, but they've never been able to produce the same level of quality writing or technical capabilities.

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Tony P2936d ago

I think I will defend Obsidian's writing which imo is easily better than what BioWare has managed since BG2.

Like KoTOR II for being a rushed job, does a heck of a lot more to tell a complex story than the first. It isn't afraid to ditch the common game tropes or evolve them. I confess that's one of the main reasons I support Obsidian. We have so very few genuinely good creative writers in gaming.

If only they could get the technical polish down. Their games are usually quite buggy, unfortunately.

skynidas2938d ago

Graphics look like a PS2 game.

chak_2938d ago

that agme ain't about graphics, but dialogue and spying.

I'm really curious about reviews.

dkgshiz2938d ago

There advertising pretty heavy for this game. It looks like your standard 3rd person shooter. Nothing special really.

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