GameSpot: Iron Man 2 Review

The sloppiness of the menu system is reflective of the quality of Iron Man 2; every decent element is overshadowed by stumbles and shortcomings. It should be thrilling and fun to take to the sky in a superpowered battle suit, but Iron Man 2 crashes to the Earth with a dull thud.

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TOO PAWNED2719d ago

the sad part is that someone like sucker punch could make incredible game out of this IP.

HolyOrangeCows2718d ago

I think a monkey could at least make a BETTER game, too.
Sucker Punch could have probably made something awesome out of this, probably.

Quite a shame. The movie sucks according to most of the reviews, too.

RememberThe3572719d ago

An other crappy game from another pulisher that can't seem to be consistent.

electricshadow2719d ago

A crappy video game based off a movie? This has NEVER happened before, ever!

TreMillz2719d ago

I bet the other team you fired is laughing at you, the second got a lower score than the first game, smh, SEGA, just give up the bleach license and quit. Or make a new console and you may have hope.

ThanatosDMC2719d ago

We all saw this coming. Anyway, the movie was great but it sucks that the last fight didnt last as long as everybody wanted it to. The red head is a ton sexier than Pepper who's just skin and bones.

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