Digital Chumps: Nier Review

Nier could have been easily dismissed. Developed under the inelegant hands of Cavia, announced to mild intrigue at E3, shown to the media under the guise of a 3rd rate Devil May Cry, and ultimately ignored by the Square-Enix faithful, Nier's hype began and ended with a resounding thud. It didn't look great, it didn't look awful, it didn't look like anything.

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hatchimatchi2963d ago

I'm glad this game is getting some good reviews. Games don't have to be riddled with insane graphics and space marines in order to be fun. Sometimes the gameplay carries the game through it's faults and Nier is one of those games. I got my copy last week and have only put in a hour (still playing ffxiii) but the game seemed really great right from the get go. It's like a zelda clone with elements of monster hunter in it.