Den of Geek: Lost Planet 2 Review

The original Lost Planet was a tour de force of graphical achievement on the 360, and its (temporary) exclusive status was a real boon for Microsoft. The game featured some of the largest enemies ever seen and, despite an awful, confusing story, it was heralded as a classic.

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mastiffchild2847d ago

A mate has a review copy(works for a big regional)and from what I saw and played any score above 5/10 is bloody generous. It looks good but the way it's set out will limit how satisfying your co-op experience is(it's hard to imagine being able to play it through with the same people and there's no jump in co-op option and chapters/levels to save can last over an hour. It just isn't well designed in that respect)and the SP campaign suffers awfully from the fact everything was meant to be played as a human team of four which makes a lot of things impossibly tough/boring when played just with AI teammates who don't cut the mustard.

Level design is patchy as hell with a lot of samey and dull areas on the way to bigger fights and while it's a great looking multi plat I have to say it's not even as good as the first game. It has all the old problems(quirky/odd/crappy/ill ogical controls and clunky movements)and merely added some more of it's own for my money. Biggest disappointment of the year so far in my mind. Further evidence that Capcom now think story driven games need co-op more than a great SP game and they seem to think the two are mutually exclusive, sadly. Trust me-you'll be playing co-op DMC5 next year with you as Dante and a team of Nero's to keep you company/annoy the hell out of you! they are the company of the useless NPC partner!