IGN | Halo: Reach & Halo 3 Compared

IGN compares Halo Reach against Halo 3 in this video

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SUP3R2848d ago

Can't wait for the full game!

Traveler2848d ago

Halo Reach looks far better.

blitz06232848d ago

Well it has to be better or Bungie wouldn't even consider making the game.

Chubear2848d ago

I still dont' get why people keep saying that and why these comparisons keep showing up. I mean, shouldn't Halo Reach have vid comparisons with other high end FPSs instead of it's predecessors?

Isn't Reach SUPPOSED to look better than Halo3? It's not like after 2.5yrs Reach will come out looking identical to Halo3 is it?

The thing is, most people outside the halo bubble look at halo online MP and they don't really see sequel like improvements for a FPS that sells far more than others. Instead they see an gloss upgrade from Halo2-halo3-haloODST-Reach and not really a proper jump in quality btw these titles

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SaberEdge2848d ago

Actually if you had actually played the game you would know that it is a pretty big improvement over the first game. The lighting, textures, explosions, and other effects are all significantly improved.

Digital Foundry wrote about many of these improvements here:

It looks damn good to me.

BiggCMan2848d ago

armor lock over dead body = POWER TEABAG hahaha that looked incredibly fun.

kaveti66162848d ago

Why would Halo fans compare Reach to anything other than Halo 3? I consider Halo's multiplayer to be the best multiplayer on consoles, so naturally my interest in Reach is for it to be better than Halo 3. There's a reason why Halo 3 is one of the most played games on XBL.

cyborg69712847d ago

I'm gonna have to start pimping out my wife before this comes out to get a 360. And chubear your right. If your doing a comparison do it with other top looking fps's.

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Demons Souls2848d ago

Hard to tell the difference.

Montrealien2848d ago

Well Reach is Halo, just a better looking Halo, and watching it in a small video like that does not do it justice. Have you actually tried the beta?

sak5002848d ago

I've tried beta and looks almost the same as the original halo from 5 years back. they are the laziest devs ever who just change couple of game modes in every iteration but using the same assests from years past. There are other devs who have really overhauled their games jumping from past gen to current gen, whereas halo looks about the same from the orginal xbox.

I played it like for an hour and gave up on the kiddy graphics and gameply. I wont buy this crp.

SixZeroFour2848d ago

yea sak, cause everyone can get everything they need to know about a game and the devs behind it from a 1 hour playthrough with the BETA of the game

and bungie are one of the most dedicated devs out there, that support their game to the fullest upon and beyond release

you must be in for a new prescription cause the goggles you have on right now must not be correcting your vision well, take your feud with MS elsewhere and leave bungie out of it

on topic, if you actually PLAY the game, and go back to theater and actually look around at the explosions, environment, character and weapon models, you WILL see a vast improvement in graphics, but its not all about graphics anyways, beta alone has so much to it already, cant wait for final game

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Therealspy032848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

but the ps3 trolls are the same immature kids they've always been.

i been playin the halo reach beta non stop the last 5 days and i can verify that it's much more solid and the new armor abilities really change the game dynamic.

who really cares what the ps3 fanboys think anyway? they will criticize anything that isn't ONLY on their system regardless of quality...that's nothing new. facts are...minor graphical differences aside, when MAYBE 5k ppl play uncharted 2 online or maybe 3k player killzone in a 24 hour period, halo sees over a million. it's that way for a very good reason...and it's not cuz those games are anywhere close to as good as they want to claim they are.

i'm perfectly happy to see them out in droves trolling 360 articles, cuz it's proof that they are nothin but jealous, immature children. period.

sad thing is, i used to play on psn more than live. but every time i mentioned a 360 game on psn they'd chew me out for 5 minutes and call me a newb. so i stopped using a headset...and eventually just stopped getting on cuz the community is JUST like it is here...annoying and childish.

and i love how they constantly focus on graphics. in case you didn't notice...we do not care at all about your flawed perspective on graphics. nobody does unless you ONLY own a ps3. there is nothing impressive about those "graphical" games you all hype up. get over yourselves. you didn't make the games, you didn't make the system. you're just fanboys. it should be about great games, not about convincing yourself your dedication isn't completely wasted. halo reach, so far, is a great game.

lowcarb2848d ago

Well said and I couldn't agree with you more.

insomnium2848d ago

It was the x360-fans who brought this situation upon theirselves. All they did was laugh at "ps3 has no game" and talked down on the CELL's power based on bad ports of the early days. Do you really not remember this?

Ontopic I like the improvements and the credit system. Seems like you can take many different approaches and strategies based on the configurations of you armor etc. I don't have a x360 but Halo Reach might just be the reason for me to pick one up. I won't be paying for gold though.

Jrome2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Lol you forgot "/rant". In all honesty though, I think a lot of these so called "ps3 fanboys" are still on the defensive side from the early years of the ps3 when all the "360 fanboys" were getting on them for all the promises sony made, lack of games, average graphics. However, the tides have turned and now you have the "360 fanboys" on the defensive and the "ps3 fanboys" on the offensive. In the end, I agree with you, it's all about the games and IMO Halo Reach looks like it's going to be a great game (what I feel halo 3 should have been based on the gameplay elements:customizable armor, credit system etc).

To the ps3 fanboys be humble, it was foolish to doubt the playstation franchise in the first place. To the 360 fanboys be humble, we all know microsoft still has a powerful collection up it's sleeves.

/peace :p

Sez 2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Actually it's been the same in the early years of the ps3. When i'm came to this site sonyfanboys was still doing the samething they are doing now. But they where saying things like " MS is going to drop the 360 in 4 years just like xbox" or " ps2 sold x amount and xbox/Gamecube sold x amout less". So yeah this war has been going on since last gen.There just more upset that Sony went from number 1 with the ps1/2 to number 3 behind the very two Sony dominated last gen. I left system wars because before any of the current gen console started to release they where doing the samething there. So I came here.

Ontopic: I'm enjoying the beta. I can't wait for the final version to release. Playing it fit yourself you can Clearly see a big difference from halo 3 or ODST. This game is a must buy for me day 1.

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- Ghost of Sparta -2848d ago

Or did Sak and I just seriously share a same sentiment? Halo: Reach looks like a re-skinned Halo 3 with a couple new modes here and there. Frame rate still isn't locked at 30, resolution's still below my standard, and just in general, nothing's overhauled to the point of a true sequel. I'll wait and see what Bungie could do with Activision before I decide to dismiss them completely.

Megaton2848d ago

Noticed that too. I think sak bumped his head.

Haven't played the beta yet, so I can't comment on it. I wanna try it, but not so bad that I'll go buy ODST.

-Alpha2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I love how the first comment got 5 disagrees for saying he can't wait for the full game.

As for the graphics, I honestly can't tell the difference technically. Artistically Reach tries to be more gritty and less colorful. Honesty, I don't give a damn. They aren't miles better but I only care for the Halo gameplay. Nobody on the forums is complaining about graphics they are concerned mostly with gameplay and making sure its balanced, which is much more important. I love how nobody but PS3 fans care about the graphics of Halo. Halo has always been about gameplay and that's what a good game should pride itself on most.

Anyways, I can't wait for this game. The MP is really fun. Invasion is great. I'd say that it's really well balanced already, though minor tweaks may be needed.

insomnium2848d ago

Read my comment #2.1.6.

insomnium2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Disagree. I was here and I know how things went. I'm sorry you are too immature and don't have the backbone to accept the facts.

The same BS went on for well over 2 years. I'm not agreeing to the ps3 fanboys though. I don't want to see fanboyism. It sickens me. However I do understand why some ps3 fans are out there laughing at the x360 fans.

Can I get some disagrees to this reply also.

Alpha I've been reading your posts for a while and I would really like hear you take on this.

Bnet3432848d ago

lol good video, the narrator was great.

bviperz2848d ago

If you're in the BETA, it is loads of fun!

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