Too much parity in UFC 2010 fighter rankings

"It appears as if there will only be a difference of 9-11 points between the top fighters and the bottom fighters in each weight class. On top of this, no fighter even reaches an 80 overall ranking. In the world of sports games 1-99 has become the standard, with elite athletes normally reaching that 95 and up range.

Either THQ and the UFC are trying to say they truly feel any fighter has a shot against anyone at all time, or the fighters skills have been watered down to create a more balanced experience. We hope that through the course of the year that these numbers will be adjusted as needed, or that players themselves will be able to create their own fighter updates."

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Montrealien2994d ago

"Either THQ and the UFC are trying to say they truly feel any fighter has a shot against anyone at all time"

That's exactly what they are trying to say.

cain1412994d ago

Yeah, it isn't really true though haha

Montrealien2994d ago

I have been following the UFC since the first one, there are dominant fighters, but one thing is always sure, they will get knocked out sooner or later. I think the way they set up the ranking just means you can't take 95 (elite) ranked fighter and beat anyone below 80. The guys at 80 should have a chance to have that hay maker land and knock anyone out.

cain1412994d ago


I agree to some extent, but you would think someone who has proved to be so dominant as a Silva or St-Piere would have at least 1 point better than then next fighter.

Megaton2994d ago

Well, Matt Sera beat GSP. Fluke or not, he won. Everyone's got a puncher's chance. Plus, you typically won't find many "bad" fighters in the UFC. TUF is about as amateurish as it gets, and some of those guys are pretty damn impressive.

mikeslemonade2994d ago

I looking to the EA MMA game. THQ has never publiwh3e a truly 9+ point game.

Jrome2994d ago

Well, in a game environment,it should depend upon the players skill. Yes, the fighter is talented and their abilities should reflect that but at the same time I think it's a good idea to make it so that the player has to win, rather than the guy they picked winning so to speak.

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BX812994d ago

True that! Serra went in the cage with the intention to punch GSP and hurt him and he did just that. The only fighter that should be ranked 100 is God or baby jesus!

BetaChris2994d ago

How about a third option? That is, in the interest of accessibility, THQ modified the fighter rankings?

cain1412994d ago

I think that is "watering it down to create a more balance expierience."

I HARLEM I2994d ago

I Think its kinda cool everybody got a fair shot

Bathyj2994d ago

OMG, they're arguing about a number. How pointless. If they were all ranking 95, would that neccessarily mean they were better fighters or the scale was just more forgiving.

Maybe the field is that tight with little between the fighters.

Maybe Brock Lesner is a high 70. 90's might be reserved for Neo or other fighters that can actually manipulate the Matrix ay will.

Maybe you can train your fighters and they're giving a bit of headroom for improvment.

Ireally dont think anyone should be worried about the fighters skills being lessened because of a grading number.

lh_swe2993d ago

Have you even watched any of them? He dominated Randy Couture, Frank Mir (in both fights yet his lack of experience got to him in the first) and Heath Herring. He has one of the quickest and best explosiv takedowns in the bizz, he's got some of the most powerfull short range punches and excellent wrestling. He doesn't have experience but he's got skill, Love him or hate him but he's good.

HighDefinition2993d ago

"He dominated Randy Couture, Frank Mir (in both fights yet his lack of experience got to him in the first) and Heath Herring"

It`s not his skill it`s his size, it`s fairly obvious.

They need a new weight division, which is also fairly obvious.

lh_swe2992d ago

So no, he's stronger than they are but he still weighs the same.

nnotdead2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

i think the rating system is lame anyways. i think fighters physical attributes should be rated; speed, strength, stamina, but skills should just have lvls. used like belts in martial arts in the career mode. higher lvl (belt) the more moves one fighter could perform in that fight style.

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