1UP: Iron Man 2 Review

Movie tie-ins have never been a haven of quality videogames, but other titles with a similar comic/movie pedigree, a la X-Men Origins: Wolverine, have been able to pull off some pretty impressive stuff; Iron Man 2 on the other hand is a huge disappointment. There's a lot to love about both Iron Man the comic and the movie, it's a shame that the videogame can't capture that same success.

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Montrealien2844d ago

there we go, a nice fair review score, for an average game.

TOO PAWNED2844d ago

the sad part is that someone like sucker punch could make incredible game out of this IP.

Montrealien2844d ago

lol, man, that would be amazing. Infamous was one of my favorite games last year.

GiantEnemyCrab2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I'd love to see Sucker Punch get a hold of a true superhero IP like this one or Spider-man! Awesome idea.. shame it will never happen. (yup, Infamous was great)

Arkham Asylum is my super hero game fix if I need it.

-Ikon-2844d ago

Um Infamous has a super hero type whith a great story take it any day over the spider man remix 12 vs venom rehash.

Polluted2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

@Too Pawned: Nah. Not if it was a movie tie in. It's not a question of poor devs. They're just given little money and even less time to get these games done. It has to be ready for launch, you know? It's a shame, really.

yoshiroaka2844d ago

You have a point there. Look at Batman:AA, the game was originally supposed to release around the time of the latest movie but then was scrapped and a fresh game was then later released on its own time and turned out to be pretty great.

These games should be independent of the movies.

Montrealien2844d ago

D- is the score. A+ is the best possible score.

Erotic Sheep2844d ago

That seemed pretty obvious O_o

spunnups2844d ago

Yeah but some sites have second opinions.

sorceror1712844d ago

...I had some (limited) hopes, because the developers cut a deal where they didn't have to follow the movie's story. That alone kills a lot of videogame tie-ins. They were free to come up with their own story instead, set their own challenges and environments... but it didn't help. Oh, well.