Dragon's Lair Coming Soon on HD DVD

After first appearing on Blu-ray earlier this year, HD DVD owners can now also enjoy the classic arcade game Dragon's Lair in full high definition. Making his HD DVD debut this August, Dirk the Daring swings in to action on the Xbox 360 with HD DVD add-on drive and standalone HD DVD movie players.

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Dlacy13g3935d ago

You reported this as not gaming news........

Did you bother to read the article? the classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair is now coming out on HD-DVD...."THE CLASSIC ARCADE GAME"'s a GAME!!!!

I can now understand why so much crap gets posted to the site and so much news gets burried....people need to go back to the rules of approval and re-read. Approving/Reporting is NOT about your own personal fanboy agenda.

psycho3603935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

If this was about news from Sony protection group about how ps3 rocks even without games then this would have been approved within mins.

Edit: Its not his fault i believe he's never heard of video arcades where in our times we used to play video games. His mommy must hv bought him his ps3 on his 10th birthday.