Monopoly goes 3D for 75th Anniversary

To celebrate Monopoly's 75th anniversary of acquisition by Parker Bros., Hasbro and Electronic Arts have announced Monopoly Streets for Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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dardinkay2969d ago

Yes, another monopoly game, I can't wait :D

poindat2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Actually, it does look interesting. Looks sort of like a spiritual successor to Monopoly Tycoon, but with more basis from the actual board game...

...Speaking of which, we need a sequel to Monopoly Tycoon. That game was surprisingly fun.

Red-Dead-Roar2968d ago

this better be available on psn as well.

outlawlife2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

glad to they made a monopoly game with online play now if they would release it as a budget title

Brewski0072968d ago

I cant wait and yeah i would like to hope they don't charge through the roof for this. Online play will be great for all the fans of the game. If done correctly this could really prove popular with players young and old :)

morkendo2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

why cant they make this for ps3?? dag-nabbit.... oops they did.

whitesoxfalife2969d ago

be able to play online real nice and we get to play wit our lil guys on 360 or wii wonder why they left the ps3 guys out i bet their avatars would be a nice add in for the ps3 version of it........ hoping we can name our cities in the games or properties

captain-obvious2968d ago

"wonder why they left the ps3 guys out"

maybe since they are not forced in to making one ??
not every PSN user uses HOME

troll much ??

Raypture2969d ago

Sweet, hope it's good, I'm great at monopoly and always dominate when I play it with friends, though a lot of it's up to chance your strategy and play style will factor in to who wins.

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The story is too old to be commented.