Red Dead Redemption Extended Trailer

MyRockstar HQ writes - "Rockstar released another Red Dead Redemption commercial. An extended version of the previous one."

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Montrealien2966d ago

This game has some of the best looking vistas. It is absolutely gorgeous.

ThanatosDMC2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Agreed. The funny thing is that i saw this preview at the theater before Iron Man 2 started playing. I sorta yelled "Red Dead!" then i heard another guy say "Yeah!" a little bit away from me.

I cant wait to go bear hunting! Would punching (if possible) kill the bear???

Tripl3seis2966d ago

man this game is just... awesome r* star u done it again ;)

zeeshan8102966d ago

Yeah..Rockstar has showed what there RAGE can do. :P

HOSe2966d ago

flipping... the 21st.. who releases games on a friday.. bullocks

Fishy Fingers2966d ago

I love Friday releases, means I can throw plenty of hours into it over the weekend. Week day releases are worse, means I'm sat at work with a game I want to play but cant.

Croaker2966d ago

I still prefer to get my copy on Tuesday. When I get home from work at around 6:30 PM I can play for about an hour and a half. I just wish I could coax my GameStop into giving me my copy early.

bjornbear2966d ago

for this to arrive at my doorstep =D

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