Gamefaqs: Top 10 Most Realistic Physics In Games.

Gamefaqs: Some Games have no notable physics, no ragdoll, everything breaks the same, generic car crashes. These are mostly on the last gen systems, but some on this gen systems arent that remarkable.

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Nicholas Cage2724d ago

the guns from killzone 2, lbp ofcourse, and GRAN TURISMO!

The_Count2723d ago

Littlebigplanet has countless amazing little details

ah ah ah

MerkinMax2723d ago

It's hilarious to just mess around with the physics in that game.

ThanatosDMC2723d ago

Agreed, Garry's mod should be up there.

Rainstorm812723d ago

Wheres Uncharted?......or maybe im thinking animations.

-Alpha2723d ago

You are thinking animations. Physics is different.

Where is Crysis and Halo?

Dylantalon12724d ago

that was a rubbish list in the article. killzone 2 has the best and most realistic physics and gt 5 has the most realistic physics for a racing game.

Foxgod2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Actually, since it says games, and not console games.
Any top PC game will flatout beat console games in physics.

So this article should contain nothing but pc games.

Rainstorm812723d ago

Then Name 10 PC games with great physics

Dnied2723d ago

Physics =/= Graphics......

imo its all up to the engine / developer, not platform..

Pandamobile2723d ago

Just look at any game with PhysX acceleration.

Volumetric fog, thousands of particles, water simulations, cloth, etc.

RedPawn2724d ago

I'll give to Uncharted 2

piroh2723d ago

and you'll be blown away

AliTheBrit192723d ago

Awesome, the top 2 games using the brilliant Euphoria engine.

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The story is too old to be commented.