Natal and Move won’t save retail

MCV: Analyst Lutz Muller tells MCV that only a new generation of consoles can reverse the slump.

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Teehee2940d ago

Natal will save the videogame industry, believe.

WildArmed2939d ago

In other news, Natal and PS Move will also save human civilization from falling apart. Initially predicted to happen in 2012.

sgw_dec0y2939d ago

@Teehee - I agree and disagree.. one single piece of hardware can not save the industry. It will take both hardware and really great software. Oh yea and they better show more than just that Ricochet game. I think it might take 3DTV and second generation natal and move hardware to so called "save" the industry.

avengers19782939d ago

When the video game industry is still one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Video Games don't need to be saved the industry is fine, what hasn't seen a decline in sales these days. The economic crisis didn't just happen in America, it's all over the world, and it's not over yet.
If we were in a flurishing economy and video game sales were slumping then there would be cause for concern or a need to be saved.
@teehee that's a joke right.

keysy4202939d ago

new consoles lol no way in hell am i going to purchase a new system for myself within the next 5 yrs my ps3 has alot of stuff happening in it right now. not so much for xbox plus they can kill off there market right now by releasaing a new console. does this guy know anything about business, new consoles right now could destroy the industry. plus sony isnt offerine move as a new platform but a new controller. ms are the idiots who think they will be able to sell a newversion of the 360 which will kill off the old ones. then sell teo platforms on one. way to kill your market ms. first off move games arent going to be 60 and then now people are supposed to select form two different type of games on one system. one of the most airheaded plays in video game history natal. more than likely will kill ms in the console business. look parents aren't that educated in the video game world. the one thing that you dont want them to do is have to buy a tacked on pieces of hardware. now when they buy natal they will walk in the store an seperate game for the system that is on the same system. they are going to question why do they need to buy seperate games. sony should use this as a marketing strategey that there controller is just a controller not a system add-on and going by the history of video games which most of you 360 fanboys werent around for natal was doomed last yr at e3. not that is wont sell the harware but it wont sell the software andfor all you who know how console generations work you make money on the sell oof software not on hardware, or overscharged hardware so unless natal is 150dollars it doomed

DlocDaBudSmoka2939d ago

planned on releasing the move controllers as a brand new console platform. This artiles first paragraph is beyond dumb. how can a controller be a new console platform? i understand releasing natal as a new console release, thats what M$ do.But a controller? seriously?