Lost Planet 2 (PS3) Requires Mandatory Install

With the release of Lost Planet 2 coming next week, gamers who will be purchasing the PlayStation 3 version will be required to do a mandatory installation.

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SKCShifty2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Don't know if this is a bad news or good news? Well i guess if loading times will be faster it's GOOD NEWS can't wait to get Lost Planet 2.

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Jinxstar2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I thought we were past stuff like this being news... Game installs are newsworthy... You'd think with the site being down as long as it was there would be better stuff to read about... Off to the forums then...

pixelsword2662d ago

there's always going to be posts for that genre... even if a game that gets terrible reviews has a install.

sonarus2662d ago

I have long grown tired of capcom and their mandatory installs for their weak games

Godmars2902662d ago

No installs and poor performance, or a required install for slightly on par performance?

Of course the correct answer is an option install for above par performance, but obviously the team behind LP2 wasn't up to that.

nnotdead2662d ago

i grow tired of it too. just give me the option. i could see most of the time i would install, but being given the option would feel better.

The_Count2662d ago

I'll have to pass on LP2. LB2 However...

ah ah ah

Simon_Brezhnev2662d ago

its a problem with me just like Scamcom i dont have SSF4 but does that lets you install the game too? This is really pathetic though they been making games for PS3 this long and still installs so yeah every game Scamcom makes is probably a port from 360.

HolyOrangeCows2662d ago

An average game with an iffy Ps3 version with a Ps3 install? Unheard of!

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Nicholas Cage2662d ago

if it makes the loading times faster im happy :) underrated game, dont really care for the reviews.

Homicide2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Not surprised. A lot of Capcom games on the PS3 have a mandatory 5GB install: Lost Planet 1, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5. Capcom should definitely fix this.

xiren1872662d ago

Yep, it's been a trend =/

TheHater2662d ago

It seems that every game release by Scamcom on the PS3 have a 5GB mandatory install.

Sunny_D2662d ago

Lol at Scamcom. But, I like CrapCom more. :D

CernaML2662d ago

So far, SSFIV is the only Capcom PS3 game without a mandatory installation and very good loading times that are apparently faster than the 360 version. It was one hell of an improvement over SFIV. Why cant they do the same with all their other games? -_-

PPNSteve2662d ago

Aside for a possible load time increase, I think it's bad.. especially if you have a LOT of installed games..

swiftshot932662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

On a slightly unrelated note Im so surprised this game flopped. Bad scores almost across the board. However, its further proof that very few Japanese developers have accustomed to new, smarter design. Capcom has been a culprit of old (and dumb) design philosophies and I hope Dead Rising 2 will benefit from being in the hands of a Canadian developer, since that game has a lot of potential.