GameRevolution: Toy Story 3 Preview

GameRevolution writes: "Toy Story 3 will be available for PS3, X360, PSP, DS, and iPhone, and PS3 players will have the exclusive ability to use Emperor Zurg as a playable character. It's looking, naturally, as family-friendly as you might expect, but the high quality of the character models and animation—and of course the inclusion of the hefty Toy Box mode—makes it pretty clear that the developer is interested in elevating the experience here beyond the typical, kids-only, cookie-cutter, awkwardly-recreate-key-scenes- in-the-movie dodge that still plagues far too many movie-licensed titles. We'll see if Buzz, Woody, and Jessie can play well with a broader age-range of gamers, when Toy Story 3 hits the shelves of an Al's Toy Barn near you this June".

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