Meristation: ModNation Racers Review

ModNation Racers is the new benchmark in the genre of racing karts in Sony consoles, with the added almost infinite of the universe online, either to create, share or modify our own works or those of others. A gift for lovers of fun and potential artists. Green light, and enjoy!

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cmrbe2845d ago

so they game it a 8.5?. lol

mattkelly19912845d ago



Can the score match any less with the review?

forevercloud30002844d ago

I was in the EU Beta for the game and it is great in many ways. I was never a fan of racers and down right despise kart racers like Mario Kart, yet for some reason I find this game highly enjoyable. I understand the racing mechanics and quickly started mastering them after a few online matches. Definitely one of the easiest racing games to pick up and play.
And the customization aspects of ModNation are phenomenal as well. It has never been so easy to make a track that is unique and fun without spending hours slaving over a track editor. Every Mod feels special. Also started seeing lots of good recreations of video game and cartoon characters, some of the best are by a friend of mine. He actually recreated Flap Jack in MNRs lol.

This game is a must buy for me.