GamesRadar: Why you might actually want to play Toy Story 3

GamesRadar writes: "Is anyone surprised a new Toy Story game is on the way? There’s a new movie coming out, after all, so a coinciding game is practically required. But here’s something you may not expect: A reason to care.

Yes, you, Johnny Hardcore. How the hell is Pixar going to grab a gamer’s attention during the Halo: Reach beta and on the eve of a new Mario game? By doing something none of those other slipshod movie licenses have ever even attempted before. “Playing with toys” is taking on a whole new meaning".

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RockmanII72966d ago

Every time I log into N4G, there is a story on how good this game will be, is it because it has exclusive content? One its a movie game and two it is being developed by Avalanche Software who, out of making 8 games, hasn't ever had a game above 75 (And the game that was a meta of 75 was made before they were bought by Disney)

PS - For you curious fellows, that game I'm talking about is Tak 2, sequel to Tak and the Power of Juju