Pictures: PSP Fat vs. PSP Slim

Details of the new PSP announced this week: It's a slimmer build and noticeably lighter when in hand. There is a glossy coat over the paint job, WLAN/Wi-fi switch moved to top of unit next to UMD drive. The UMD chassis has been streamlined; no awkward slide button to pop it open just a little groove you slip your thumb under and it pops out (much better). Sony has confirmed that additional RAM has been added to improve UMD load times in games. The battery is far, far lighter (and smaller). Plugging in a PSP Fat battery will give nearly double battery life according to Sony because the new PSP is far more "fuel efficient." The speakers have moved; they're close to the top of the unit, above your thumbs, and the D-pad and four action buttons have been vastly improved; they feel great, much more like PS3 controller. Includes HD video/audio out. Retails for $169. Due this September.

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ReconHope3873d ago

has psp fat. wow, who was responsible 4 that?

BaMYouRDeaD3873d ago

I prefer the new box over the old box, but its funny how the fat is on the new one. Hopefully they fix that by the time it launches.

ReconHope3873d ago

better fix that. its just a stupid mistake.

funkysolo3873d ago

That would be a great feature and would sell like crazy

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The story is too old to be commented.