Lost Planet 2: Receiving Some Unfavorable Reviews

With the latest reviews hitting the internet lately it seems gamers will have a hard time deciding on whether to invest their hard earned cash on a game that from the outside looks amazing yet offers a lackluster experience based on many reviews.

Despite the games amazing graphic and over-the-top boss battle confrontations, the gameplay might be missing in action.

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VisualSlave2997d ago

Challenging and fun solo campaign, awesome with three buddies, decent online modes. It's much better than a lot of the games out this year.

dkgshiz2996d ago

No its really not. Its pretty terrible.

Echo3072996d ago

Capcom's inability to give us an even remotely decent port on the PS3 is enough for me to say no. Really, this console has been out for 4+ years in the States now, there is no excuse for such shoddy work.

Lelouch V Brit2996d ago

"It's worth the pennies" no maybe a rental.

Hallmark Moment2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

#1.3 comment pretty much explains why you're getting so may disagrees not because of the game itself. Some of these comments are backlash payback responses due to the PS3 version being inferior.

You have to be careful when developers start hyping PS3's capabilities before a game comes out. Developers are usually trying to win over the fanatical factions of picky Sony fans making them feel good about PS3 which is the only way you can get them to buy games. RAGE is another one, expect a lackluster PS3 version of RAGE based on the developer showing off the 360 version of the game to reviews the other day yet "claims" the PS3 version is more stable

Echo3072996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Looks like you're the one getting the disagrees buck-o. I'm just saying, there's no excuse for this. For those of us gamers that have a memory, this will be something to think about when Capcom starts hyping their next game.

bruddahmanmatt2996d ago

The best thing about LP2 is that it'll be some of the most fun you've ever had for under $10...after you pick it up in the bargain bin six months from now.

presto7172996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

A; Yo how is that LP2 demo. I saw the trailer last night with Marcus and Dom. Looked awesome. Day one buy for sure

B: I dunno man...
A; Huh?
B: The game kinda...
A; ....
B: I cant think of any other way to say this. It just.... just....
B: It sucks man. It sucks.

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

B: Must've been something I said.

HolyOrangeCows2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

With a scoop of bad AI causing the campaign to be a pain solo, a sprinkling of punishing co-op mechanics, and the cherry on top of a bad Ps3 port, I'll pass on this. Maybe buy it used when it's REAL cheap.

EDIT: Oh, and the....ummm....uh...chocolate sauce of bad controls, too.

HolyOrangeCows2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

"At the end of day unfavorable reviews are just opinioins which we all have yet when the large majority begins to start echoing one another, you might want to take notice"

When you want to disbelieve the general consensus of reviews, just cover your ears and yell "THEY'RE JUST 'OPINIOINS', THEY'RE JUST BAD 'OPINIOINS'!!"

secksi-killer2996d ago

i canceled my pre-order after the demo.

even great graphics dont make a good game

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Shadowolf2997d ago

Based on the few positive reviews the game is said to offer a great co-op experience however, going it alone is said to be down right brutal.

@Visual Slave, which titles this year would you say Lost planet 2 is better than?

SixTwoTwo2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Idk I enjoyed both demos a lot. I'm getting this but I'll hold out for a couple weeks in the hope that all these bad review scores will equal a heavy discount somewhere.

Colonel-Killzone2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Lost planet lacks a main character. The story is boring it does not drive me to want me to pick up a controller and play the game honestly. Games like assassin creed 2 god of war 3 they have main characters and story plot to fill it. Lost Planet needs a main character thats the problem first off. It has no type or drive that makes you wanna play campaign my god i felt a better connection to soap and price in mw2 then i did lost planet. They need a character every story needs a damn main role character to play the role . Capcom failed with this game they tried to half ass it and advertise some cool co-op and expect that to be enough. Yes customization is nice capcom it really is but you could at least made 4 characters to interact with each other and try to make us feel a connection with those characters. But you got 4 idiots who nobody cares about to play a campaign of a story thats boring as hell because its just boring. LP2 fails sorry im skipping this one i will buy it once its 40 dollars or 30 which will be soon since its crap anyway. Everyone do yourself a favor skip this and buy red dead redemption.

Figboy2996d ago

at the start of the generation isn't always impressive 3 years later.

i remember my buddy coming over with his 360, and showing my roommate and me Lost Planet 1. even then, i didn't find it particularly impressive, and simply viewed it as one of those early next gen games that most certainly looked nice, but wasn't more than concepts from the previous generation with more polish.

and here we are, a few years later, and the sequel, which was built upon an already shaky foundation, isn't living up to expectations.

it's not like Gears of War, which was a genuinely excellent game, that really set the tone for what this "HD Generation" of consoles was capable of, and the sequel, for the most part, carried on that strong tradition.

i guess i'm one of the people that didn't think the original Lost Planet was particularly good (decent maybe. slightly above average), so didn't expect much from the sequel. ironically, i'd probably find the sequel more enjoyable BECAUSE of those tempered expectations. when you don't overhype things, you tend to enjoy them for what they are a lot more.

i wouldn't put much stock in the reviews of Lost Planet 2 (or ANY game for that matter), and chances are if you liked the original, you may enjoy the sequel. just know that there have been a LOT of games released in between LP1 and LP2, and standards have been raised. standards that weren't fully in place when LP1 hit, when it was one of the first new titles of the generation, and people were swept up in "new console hype!" i mean, King Kong on the 360 for Pete's sake got amazing reviews back then.

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