Deus Ex: Human Revolution - What we know so far.

With a plethora of great First Person Shooter titles released in the last 6-7 months and many more to come later in the year, All Age Gaming's Ian Crane takes a look Eidos/Square Enix's upcoming title Deus Ex: Human Revolution. With more details to be revealed at E3, Ian covers what we know so far for the game.

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akiraburn2816d ago

This is perhaps one of my most anticipated titles coming up that I am very excited for. Though to be honest, I am still skeptical and sort of disappointed with their choice to use a regenerating health system. I know the topic has already been beaten to death, but it doesn't change the fact that most of the old fans still are unhappy with it, and the DX3 forums are riddled with complaint topics about it.

I believe, since most TPS's and FPS's nowadays use a regenerating health system, Deus Ex isn't a series I feel fits that mold. Managing med-kits was enjoyable for me, and it actually added challenge and strategy. Another big thing that made it unique, was how you could get damaged in different areas of your body, and how that affected other things. Like losing health in your legs meant you would move slower, and if you lost all your leg's health, your legs would be "broken" and had to move as though you were crouched. If your arms were shot, it was harder to focus your aim. Etc...

All that being said, I think keeping the old health system in place could have been as easy as including "vending machines" on lower difficulties that could vend you med-kits for a certain number of credits, so new players wouldn't worry as much about running out of health. Removing the system completely though, means that you no longer have those body part-specific effects (on both you AND the enemies), which in my opinion was an essential piece of the DX1's immersion. Now that's not to say they are making a bad game, because by all means I am very excited for it still. The original Deus Ex is probably my favorite game of all time, and this series should definitely be revived.

Simply put, I'm just not really happy with that one choice they made, but the other ideas and their focus for the game seems like it's all going in the right direction and that has me excited.

kwicksandz2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

art style looks good. shame they made it multi. if any game deservers pc exlcusive it is deus ex

Also great avatar akira ^^

akiraburn2816d ago

Thanks man! I couldn't agree more. As much as I love my PS3, I believe that starting as a PC exclusive would've made more sense. They could begin with as few limits as possible on PC, then when the game is complete, they could be at work making an adaptation for consoles while it's being localized for other countries and released all over. In my opinion, this would yield the best product overall for each platform, at least in this specific case.

If you remember the other two games, you'll understand also why I feel this way. DX1 on PC was by all means one of the most astounding games of all time, and prior to Uncharted 2 I believe it held the title for most GOTY awards. It was later ported to PS2 as Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, which was an alright adaptation with a few differences from the original, but everything basically still intact and working solid.

However DX2 was a mess all around, and the development process was planned for simultaneously releasing on PC and the original Xbox. Both versions suffered in many areas. With the PC version, the majority of graphics cards had issues running the game in one way or another, and the ones that were running it tended to suffer from a sort of "lag" issue. The game itself lost a lot of focus as well. Concepts and ideas became a mess with trying to program and plan for the game being on two platforms, and ultimately things like the "single ammunition type" came about, which ended up making the game much more bland and disappointing.

Thus, this is where my belief comes in that Deus Ex (even though now under control of a different developer) would benefit greatly from releasing first on PC, then getting ported to consoles afterward, so that all gamers win and get the best product possible.

nobody999999992816d ago

Even though I have a Watch set up in Feedreader for news items like this, I don't actually don't like reading about this game. Not because of spoilers and such, but because I'm not playing it now!!!

Come on Deus Ex, you can do it!

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