Fiery 'Bioshock' Gameplay Footage

Bioshock is definitely one of those games that is going to require playing with the lights off. This creepy spiritual successor takes a lot from the book of System Shock 2, but will take gamers to a beautiful underwater world not possible back then.

Check out the video

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Bloodmask3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

I can't wait to get this game. It is really bringing a lot of new things to the FPS genre, with elements of RPG and survival horror.

Nice job Micro on securing this game.

PS360PCROCKS3904d ago

Only a few weeks bro! ah I have been wanting this for close to a year now...I cannot wait.

monkey nuts3904d ago

I agree whole heartedly with #1. I'm really looking forward to this game. The one thing I haven't seen or heard anything about tho is the online multi player if indeed this game has it, which I would imagine it did because its pretty much standard practise for fps's these days.

PS360PCROCKS3904d ago

sorry man absolutely no online whatsoever.