Why Resident Evil 6 would rule if it had George Romero on board

The zombie don would rewrite the Resi rulebook for the better. Here’s why…

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qface642905d ago

george romero is a hasbin all of his most recent movies and the ones hes been involved in have been terrible

UnwanteDreamz2905d ago

I hate to agree, but I do. I was a big GR fan but his recent stuff is crap.

I don't think he could help RE at all because where RE lacks IMO is design, something I think George would know sh*t about.

Wrathman2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

ill tell you who could really do resident evil..


house of 1000 corpses and devils rejects.SUPERB.

captain spaulding WTF!

Or if you want a zombie veteren..danny boyle's 28 days later..or the sequel by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo for 28 weeks later. those are 2 of the best,if not the best, zombie movies ever.terifying without being gross.

GameOn2905d ago

28 days later technically wasn't a zombie film and the sequel was pretty bad compared to the first.

My fave zombie film is the remake of Dawn of the Dead but I know a lot of zombie fans don't like that one so don't hate me.

Polluted2905d ago

I gotta agree with this "his recent movies are crap" talk. They've been absolutely terrible. I mean props to the guy for basically creating zombies, but it's time he retired.

I guess we can cut him a little slack these days because he's making movies without much of a budget, but it's pretty hard to forgive nonsense like Diary of the Dead or even Land of the Dead.

Natsu X FairyTail2905d ago

Romero'S old stuff was way better. I liked The Dawn of the dead style of Dead Rising. So maybe it could work with the RE series.

The_Zeitgeist2905d ago

Romero is a has been. His last three movies have sucked big time. Why would anyone want him to come on and ruin Resident Evil even more. What they need to do is just scratch the entire story line of the game and start over. Maybe call it "Rebirth" or something. As it is now its just a long over drawn convoluted soap opera.

Kratos Spartan2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Just start it over. Use the T-virus storyline, make it extremely mature, and bring the horror back. And make it First person view. It would seem scarier if your field of vision was limited to that. Oh and they weren't really zombies, but the T-virus just re-animated the bodies, causing them to walk without control. Not really a back from the dead thing if you think about it. Build on that formula and it could be creepy as hell.

What would go through your mind if you saw a dead body just get up and move towards you. They're only moving because a virus caused it. I wouldn't consider that a "zombie", just creepy.

sikbeta2905d ago

"ruin Resident Evil even more"

Wait... it can be Ruined, even more?

RE Games were pretty much the same always, RE3:N was the most obvious, Everything was Great and then BAM! you have to use that guy Carlos Oliviera and search for a cure to save Jill, the same way Claire did with Sherry, at that moment I was like: "really? again?" and after that everything goes downhill

The REmake was Great but after finishing a couple of times, it was enough, REø was Great too and RE4 even if it was totally Different form Previous Games, was Awesome

RE5 is CRAP, I know it's the RE4 follow trend, but is not a RE Game IMO

I loved that Franchise but now I can't say the same thing again...

mushroomwig2905d ago

George Romero has ruined his '...of the dead' series, why would the Resident Evil games need him?

spooky2052905d ago

on the simple fact that i actually read his script for the first resident evil movie and it was miles beyond what we got instead. I think he could pull off a decent game that will be possibly better but no more downhill than the series has gone down with each additional game.

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