ModNation Racers Loadtimes Potentially Crippling

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ModNation Racers is a beautiful, fast-paced take on the kart-racing genre. Taking away much of the luck of Mario Kart, it adds a much-needed hardcore element to this sort of racing game. But it also brings loading times... long, long loading times. People are mentioning this in reviews, but we wanted to show just how long it takes to get from the home screen to an actual race. Keep in mind that before we shot this video, we had installed the game to the hard drive...

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-Alpha2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

There was a similar issue in LBP, especially when playing online where the game would lag like crazy, especially if joining someone already in a game.

I think it's because the game can get taxing and it stresses the game to load everything. I don't particularly care about load times. IGN reported it but said that the load times ended up making the actual racing run without a hitch, so it seems to have a good purpose. However, notice the little hitches when he is in the ModSpot. They need to iron that out. It's because the game is online (you can see the other players ghost racing around like in Demon's Souls). LBP online was very jerky at times and I was worried about the same thing happening here.

I just worry about online lag, don't particularly care for loading too much. It seems to be the biggest problem with reviews pouring in which is unfortunate since it's not gameplay related.

FACTUAL evidence2873d ago

Sorta knew Loading times were going to be a mess in this game. Every since i got into the beta, I just knew by waiting like 3 mins for things to load up was going to be a pain in the actual product. Still was a very fun game, but the load times were crazy.

Philaroni2873d ago

I think many of this will be fixed in patches post launch. Keep in mind this is United Fronts first game so I cut them lots of slack.

FarEastOrient2873d ago

Some of the preview code I've were slow to load but than they were faster on the retail version and after some patching. MAG, Little Big Planet, Demon's Souls, Socom Confrontation and even Assassin's Creed fell in there...

We seem to have survived after they fixed it, I just wonder how the finished product will act when it comes out.

I remember when trophies was loading slow, now they are a bit faster...

The Great Melon2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

I enjoyed the beta, but the load times were killing me too. Hopefully the loads are shorter than what was in the beta. I really liked the game.

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blitz06232873d ago

man that's a let down. I'm sure though a simple patch could make it better, but what do I know. Still looks to be an interesting game

zoks3102873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

The game need time to load all of that custom data that's on the disc.

Really... he had to wait 3 minutes to play the game and he wants to bitch about it? Sounds to me like he was not too happy to play the game to begin with, he was just impatient?... I could be wrong.

This is the same thing that happens when you go to play a game online, you boot any online game from XMB/Dash and wait for it to load, then you go online and enter the online lobby, then you wait for the game to populate, and once there are enough people then the game starts. Load up any online game and measure the time for yourself, i bet that 90% of them will take you 3 mins to get to game play.

I have been playing games since the 80's, this is really not an issue, i have been through worse load times on most consoles and PC's that i have owned.

I played the beta and i gotta be honest, the load time to get to game play was about 50sec, roughly 1min, OK, but to add the XMB and possible game install into the clock and time measurement is just bullshit, this video was a setup.

Fishy Fingers2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

LBP online lag was a real pain in the ass. I've just been reading about the improvements planned for LBP2 (which sounds amazing) but they didnt mention anything about the online, hope thats sorted out.

Anyway, yeah, load times dont bother me to much, the longest of load times these days are but a fraction of those I used to sit through back in the day.

talltony2873d ago

Got it off gohastings for 40 bucks! CAn't go wrong.!

Max Power2873d ago

Same here, I can't wait to play this game.

NegativeCreepWA2873d ago

I enjoyed the beta until I actually played a race, I didn't care for the way it handled at all. Great concept though.

I'll just wait for LBP2.

InfectedDK2873d ago

I agree it's taking a bit long.
But the loading issue will not have an affect on whether I'll buy it or not.
I think I'll go for it at some time and buy it, the beta was cool.
Looking forward to see what they are gonna do with this title adding more weapons and stuff to it.

sikbeta2873d ago

Don't Worry Guys, It can be Fixed, if Any-1 remember what Sony did with that Broken Bayonetta may Cry, they'll Fix the loading times in ModNation Racers too, Day One For Me...

2873d ago
Christopher2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Kind of a no-brainer that games like this and LBP would have longer than usual load times for custom content. I do wonder why it takes so long to load in-house tracks, though.

As far as the video, it's a bit misleading. It is common in most games put out on both consoles to take about two minutes to get into the actual game area in which you can start playing.

So, this video:

~1m35s to get to start screen of game
~1m05s to select his character and select his course
~50s to load the race once you accept it and skip the intro video

So, that's ~50s of inactive time between races. If that's a huge issue, you shouldn't be playing games.

Of course, this is N4G, we'll start seeing people saying it takes 3m30s to load a single race in the game just because that's the total length of time it takes to load the game, select your character, select a race, and load the race.

@edit: based on my disagree already and the comments below... people already are claiming this a failure. People are idiots, some people claiming an 85 average for a game is a flop and others claiming a 50s wait between custom races is a failure. I wonder when people stopped loving games and started loving just their consoles?

HolyOrangeCows2873d ago

That stinks. It won't RUIN the game, but it's gonna be annoying.

Lifendz2873d ago

No probs here. 45 seconds of loading is no biggie to me. Then again I'm a guy that owned a Sega CD. Talk to me or anyone else that owned that WIlly Beamish game if you want to hear horror stories about load times.

bruddahmanmatt2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Is this fool actually counting the initial startup time? I mean seriously, how stupid can you be? I have my fair share of games with some slightly longer than normal initial startups but it's never been a problem. Not like I can't get up to grab a drink from the fridge while I wait. Sheesh. The 45 seconds that it takes to actually get into a race is really the only thing he should be complaining about. Yes it's a bit longer than normal, but considering the absurd amount of custom content possibilities, I'm thinking most folks will be willing to accept a bit of longer than normal load times in exchange for all of the customization offered by the game.

jjohan352872d ago

The game looks awesome but they do need to patch the long loading times. The only acceptable long loading time to me would be right before the race when everyone is downloading the user-created level/map/track. There's no other reason why a game with simple, yet stylish graphics should take this long when LBP looked just as good and loaded in much less time.

Regardless I'm getting this game. I hope they will patch it soon, but it doesn't break the game.

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Brian52472873d ago

But still, I am definitely not looking forward to staring at the screen for three minutes before I can actually start playing.

DeathSyphon662873d ago

That's just sad man, I won't be doing that, like ever.

RememberThe3572873d ago

This was hard for me to watch. I gotta thank these guys for doing this. Hopefully they'll patch this up.

Baka-akaB2873d ago

it was quite annoying already in beta , so definitively hopes it get patched release week , but its bearable