IGN: Sneezies Review

IGN writes: "Honestly, the lack of modes in the manual doesn't matter all that much, though. Most of the modes can be figured out within a few minutes and of course the core idea is one folks can grasp pretty much the first time they fumblingly push X to kick-start the chain reaction. Even with a dead simple concept and a few copy/paste modes, though, Sneezies is a genuinely entertaining game that manages to rise (far) above the alternatives due to the fact that, well, it doesn't suck so much you almost wonder how someone could pay for something so bad. This, though, is not bad. It is good. You should probably buy it, because if you don't, it's more Ramen Heaven for us".

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Pedobear Rocks2939d ago

a professional review from IGN? It reads like something written by a 12 year old.

And I know 12 year olds.