Man goes on f*cking mad rampage after playing a Wii game

Time for yet another "violent rampage vaguely connected to videogames" story, because we know you love those so much. This one's a real winner though. A man playing an unspecified Wii game allegedly got so frustrated that he bit his mother in the ankle, shot a window, then hit a pedestrian with his car. Wow.

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RememberThe3572964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I mean, I get pretty pissed of playing video games sometimes but I've never even wanted to physically assault someone over them. They are just games after all...

"When a cop finally arrived, Williams launched himself at the police car, but was tased as he jumped off the vehicle's hood." - LOL

SixZeroFour2964d ago

lmao...yea, theres more to that guys problems than him playing video games before all that happened

the most i ever would do is throw the controller (rarely happens) and thats only on a really bad day, im pretty mellow when it comes to playing..but my friend, hes on a different lvl, hed prolly trash his room if he was doing that bad, but i doubt he would go off and hurt someone cause of it

Montrealien2964d ago

where is the taser video!?! lol

that story was fuuuuuuuny.

sikbeta2964d ago

I imagine something like:

"[email protected]!!! I want to Play A HARCORE GAME on THE WII!!!!!!!!!"


Mo0eY2964d ago

I'd be mad too. I mean, coming from an RRoDed 360 to a Wii really didn't impress him that much obviously. He should've gotten that console that only does everything.

asdr3wsfas2964d ago

Dude don't joke about that. People get stabbed over playstations.

ChrisW2964d ago

1. He was already mentally unstable.
2. He habitually used illicit drugs (like Meth).

cmrbe2964d ago

It would have been a mass shooting.

ReservoirDog3162964d ago

Yeah I'm actually the type of person who doesn't get mad very often. Especially for games.

Even in the most impossible of games (Demon's Souls), I never throw my controller or anything like that.

Don't really see the point about getting annoyed or mad.

So yeah, this is just sick.

N4g_null2963d ago

No he was just a fanboy, they do stuff like that all the time. He should have gotten a black wii anyway. I bet his mom beat him in wii sports or some thing, sore looser!

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Nicholas Cage2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

this is sad.

Blaze9292964d ago

lmao all i could think about:

GrandDragon2964d ago

Looks like the game got him crazy.

Cajun Chicken2964d ago

I wonder what game it is, there's only about 10 'violent' games on Wii in total, no excuses for the guy here.

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