E3 2007: Has the PSP been given "A New Hope?"

AMN takes a look at big game Sony is talking for the PSP at E3 2007. We have seen the song and dance before but can Sony deliver this time around?

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iceice1234021d ago

Didn't they add another joystick? Seriously it would make it twice as good.

Maddens Raiders4021d ago

I totally agree. I love my PSP's but another stick would've been just what the doctor ordered. Oh well, I can still hope. Sku's, sku's, sku'

cuco334021d ago

cuz then this really wouldn't be a psp lite, but rather a psp2

honestly, this isn't new hope. no one that i know of gives a crap. their lineup of upcoming games looks promsing but the 'gotta own a psp NOW' thing went out the door some 6+ months ago. i bought mine used from a buddy and am the sole owner of a psp over some 8 they owned em at one point. common reasons why the sold it = not enough good games, does too many things and not all that well
hells, my psp even modded as is collects dust

jack of all trades, master of none.

Bloodmask4021d ago

Episode IV " A New Hope"

clownfacemcgee4021d ago

Hehehe. It was close with the DS, before the DS lite came out, and a bunch of people I know rushed out and bout a DS lite when they already had the DS. But I think Sony's target audience is too smart for petty tricks like that. I don't know anyone that bought both an original PS2 and the slimline PS2. Also, there's not really any significant improvement. It just draws attention and maybe gets a few people to go buy it who thought the PSP was too fat... too fat? Complain complain that the PSP has 1 analog stick, but no one ever complains that the DS has 0 analog sticks.

CrizzleC244020d ago

I see no reason to get a new psp if the only real added function is video playback on televisions.

If anything i'd like to see it accept all movie and music formats by doing a simple drag and drop instead of ; PSP Video 9 ,then changing it to mp4, then moving it.

Gimme easier internet setup,mpeg and avi support,more visualizers,hard drive,camera (I live in America so we don't have them), multitasking (like music during slide show),more themes,louder speaker volume, All PS1 & and some PS2 ports on PSP and for the love of god give me a movie playback memory (So I don't constantly start from the beginning of every movie I click on)

With these features I would love to buy the new one for even 300$ But im not going to pay 170$ for the same machine with only one real upgrade ( I do not count umd loads and battery as an upgrade those are essentials)

Oh and why is it that my PSP can fast-foward through music but my 360 still can't?

AAACE54020d ago

They should have just went straight to psp2 instead of wasting time on this. I barely play my psp as it is because of the same flaws this psp lite has.

The psp should have had a flip open case like the DS, then the large screen would have been on top and adjustable for watching movies. The bottom portion would have had enough room for two better designed analog sticks, and better speakers. The psp could have been so much better than just putting it on a diet.