ModNation Racers: Your Racing Career Begins Now

Playstation Blog write:
"You are Tag, a young graffiti artist turned kart racer who enters the Mod Racing Championship (MRC for short). Tag starts off as a rookie in the Home Tour. As he wins races, he unlocks more rewards and qualifies for higher-level tours that take him to exotic races all over ModNation. Along the way, you’re pitted against the MRC’s Elite Racers. Each Elite has his or her unique visual style and driving style suited to their respective home tracks. "

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blizzard_cool2942d ago

wow that was a really nice trailer

Ghost_Sparta2942d ago

Yes, every time I see more information, videos and images of this game, the more I get excited to have it!

The_Count2942d ago

Looks really good

ah ah ah

B-Real2062942d ago

I am so stoked for this game

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The story is too old to be commented.