Top 5 games released in April

While it was nowhere as big as March, April still saw many great new releases, especially on the home console front. Here are five games that stood out from the rest of the pack.

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Pumbli2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I thought Nier wasn't getting that many good reviews.

Well maybe it's just the critics.

Parapraxis2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Yeah I'd say Fat Princess (PSP) or GTAIV Episodes from Liberty City (PS3) or FIFA World Cup 2010 (multiplat) deserve to be there more than Afterburner Climax and Nier. (personally)

The list is personal opinion I guess?
I'd like to know what influenced the choices, sales, ratings, preference.
Seems pretty arbitrary to me.

samoon2850d ago

Since when did ratings = sales?

Mr Exclusive2850d ago

take that turd Nier out. Put Episodes from Liberty City in (PC/PS3). And maybe put Lead and Gold instead of Afterburner Climax.

2850d ago