NecroVision Preview: Painkiller in WWI

As if the first World War weren't a horrific enough event, what would happen if you were to toss in zombies, demons, and vampires in along with the Kaiser's typical soldiers? You'd get something that looks a lot like 1C's Necrovision, a first-person shooter in the vein of Painkiller that the company has on display at E3 2007. 1C gave Gamespot a quick look at the game on the show floor, and after seeing it, gamers who like their shooters fast-paced and heavy on the body count ought to keep an eye on this one.

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MK_Red3900d ago

I a serious fan of Painkiller and original Serious Sam (Though more fan of Painkiller). I cant believe there are so few arcade fun shooters on the market (Only 2!?). Cant wait for this among with Serious Sam3 and Postal 3.