IGN: Red Dead Redemption: The Outlaw

IGN writes: "Whenever given the option in a videogame, I invariably bend toward the darkness. If I'm going to do good deeds I may as well save them for real life where it counts. When it comes to those digital denizens of the videogame world, with their strict and artificial rules, I like to have a little fun. When I got done with a recent six hour play session of Red Dead Redemption, the virtual world didn't know what hit it".

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Joule2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

This game looks amazing.

himdeel2968d ago

...I expect with open world games and particularly what I'd expect when you play a bad guy. That being said I'd like to know more about the opportunities to straddle to line between good and bad. I know you can don a bandanna to hide your face so you can commit acts with some anonymity but I hope you don't have to play all one way or another.

The last open world game that I really enjoyed inFamous was awesome but I hated that by not being all good or bad you could lock yourself out of some of the power upgrades.

dardinkay2968d ago

Wow himdeel, anything with red redemption you comment in, I like you style :P. But, open world games always end up having more replay value, anything could happen.

The_Count2968d ago

I am really honestly looking forward to this game.

ah ah ah

Hotel_Moscow2967d ago

i just hope i end up with a house at the end of this game like i didn't use in in gta 4 but knowing i earned a house at the end satisfy me

RAVEN812968d ago

this game is going to be crazy as hell

RememberThe3572968d ago

We can expect nothing less.

teedogg802968d ago

You got that right brother. Rockstar FTW!!!

iceman062968d ago

I remember GTA IV fondly!!! I actually liked the wasn't a perfect game like the tons of perfect scores thrown at it. But, it was a very competent and fun game.

electricshadow2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )


tommyth3cat2968d ago

"You don't even have to kill anybody to have some fun. Just drawing your gun on an innocent walking down the road will startle them into a funny reaction. My favorite was a man sitting with his legs up on a table. When I trained my sights on him he fell over backwards into a piano."

This is the kind of pointless fun that I plan to have. RDR is going to be a great sandbox experience!


it's the kind of " organic " moment that you get in a game that R* have perfected and not a lot of other dev's have mastered it at all.

that to me is the real difference between Halo CE and halo 2 & 3 and why many like CE more.

it's the reason GTA is what it is, and R* have built a true next gen engine that pushes this sort of stuff to the next level... mean while, all the other devs seem to just be focusing on lighting and textures.. more lighting and more textures.

This Is why I think I will be picking this game as my game of the year over everything else this year, even games like halo, crysis and all the rest.

it's still early days, but this game looks to be pure magic. thats the only word I can think of right now.

thank you R* and thank you to all the hard working devs who have gone through swet and blood to make this game what it is. I hope they are rewarded well for there efforts. they will be getting my cash for sure.

Redempteur2968d ago

that's great ..but i kinda want to play as a bounty hunter or a sheriff hopefully we'll get more info on that soon

SpitFireAce852968d ago

I belive you can do that they have wanted posters
that say ex. 250$-dead 500$-alive.

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