Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Balance Adjustment Patch

Battlefield: Bad Company 2's latest patch will be available on May 11th. The patch will have a whole lot of balance adjustments to alter the gameplay and make the multiplayer experience more pleasing. This patch covers the bug fixes, tweaks and refinements, which focus on making the weapons handle a lot better.

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socomnick2938d ago ShowReplies(8)
UnwanteDreamz2938d ago

I can't wait to see what some of these players do without the over powered M60. I don't mind it much cause a well placed headshot will stop em cold. It will be nice to play a match without someone complaining about it.

momonaboy2938d ago

It just seems like they are getting rid of the old problems and making new ones. They are nerfing the m60 but upping the damage on the AN94, Type88 LMG, G3 and MG3? Thats ridiculous I use all these weapons already and its powerfull enough.

ohh well doesnt matter to me this game is awesome and I'll use any weapon regardless.

bakaPX2938d ago

Not too much of a change but it does show that DICE actually CARES! Unlike some other company! *cough*MW2*cough*

M0t0rBreath2938d ago

That article is stupid! They didn't mention all the changes.

Check the Official BF Blog:


There a link that takes you to the rest of the changes.

M0t0rBreath2938d ago

BTW New PC patch coming early next week. Info at EA UK forums


OpenZoneOrphan2938d ago

I'm glad, me and the kids at the orphanage are getting tired of getting ripped up by that mean M60.

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The story is too old to be commented.