IGN: Xenoblade Update

IGN has known for some time now that Xenoblade takes place on the back of two giant frozen gods. But what does this mean from the gameplay side of things? That answer came today as Nintendo shared details on the game's fields of play.

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EvilTwin2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Between this, TLS and MH:Tri, the Wii is going to get HUNDREDS of hours of gameplay (and that's without even considering the first-party heavy hitters).

Love the screens. Looks like a huge game.

Mahr2968d ago

"Between this, TLS and MH:Tri, the Wii is going to get HUNDREDS of hours of gameplay"

Assuming this and Last Story actually make it out of Japan. That's a big assumption.

SpoonyRedMage2968d ago

Apparently Mistwalker PR have been talking to European sites and people and also correcting their translations and judging from the relatively few screens The Last Story looks pretty high budget. I think that's likely to make it over.

As for Xenoblade.... it's on release lists and looks more ambitious than Disaster but anything could happen. I'd say a European release might be more likely than a US release.

EvilTwin2968d ago

Good point. These could go the way of Zangeki no Reginleiv. There's no guarantee that they'll come to US/EU.

But premium JPRGs aren't easy to find, so I don't think Nintendo would just give up on localizing them. I'm hoping for firm release dates at E3...

Myst2969d ago

Okay when can I start pre-ordering this gem right here? It's definitely moved to my 'must buy' list.

The_Zeitgeist2969d ago

Looks like I bought my Wii at just the right time. There are a lot of good games coming out soon starting this summer.

pcz2968d ago

It would be tragic if those games don't reach the west.

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