Portal Hands-On Video

Valve, the talented studio that brought FPS classics such as Counter-Strike and Half-Life, is bringing in a new twist to the first-person perspective game genre. G4's Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler chat with Doug Lombardi from Valve about their new upcoming FPS puzzle game, Portal

That's right, a first-person puzzle game from Valve. Check out the video demonstration.

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Kratosnake3970d ago

up until echochrome, portal was the most, of not only, innovative, original puzzler that i was excited about for ps3. and now we got two! It's gonna be fun.

Piranjah3970d ago

Portal looks pretty cool to me, just hope they don't make the puzzle too hard. I've seen several "portations" from which I'm thinking like "whoa, I'm to dumb to figure that one out" allready:-) Then again, I'm for sure going to play HL2:E2, so I'm gonna get portal with it anyway. Think I will get this one on the PC though, always played HL on pc.