LittleBigPlanet 2 Set for 2010 Release

Sony and Media Molecule will be expanding the concept of 'Play, Create, and Share' a whole lot this year when they release LittleBigPlanet 2 for the PS3. Confirmed in the latest issue of GameInformer, Media Molecule talked with GameInformer about their upcoming sequel and delved into a lot of new information regarding the title, which includes a lot more player customization and higher emphasis on player's creating their own content

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LordMarius2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )


Here is the info on the game in full detail, its mindblowing

I like that the DLC will transfer over

sinncross2941d ago

Reading the information provided here makes for an interesting thought into DLC, but its really the AI upgrade that has me psyched.

I never liked the staleness of the AI in the original LBP and here it seems like you can properly programme them to be more contextually authentic to your created level.

Goodness.. new DLC like (like MGS) could make for some wicked levels.. maybe you can even recreate parts from MGS with a Snake Sackboy and enemy Sackbots: sweetness! (just a example)

Microsoft Xbox 3602941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

AI? There were no AI in LBP at all. lol

Each enemy was programmed with basic sensors, timed gears, and whatever creative thing you can throw at it. Everything was done mechanically.

micro_invader2941d ago

Wow, reading through that feature list and it sounds amazing. Looks like they're improving it in ways that could have never been achieved through countless updates. The mention of the updated AI has me most excited.

Can't wait know more about this.

sikbeta2941d ago

Holly Freaking Yes... LBP2 FTW!!!

ico922941d ago

"This time around, you'll be able to create your own RPGs, FPS, platformers, racers, and any type of game genre you can think of.."

that statement blew my mind i was expecting something that to appear in LBP 3 on the PS4, this is a huge leap for a sequel and in the gaming industry thats saying alot.

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Microsoft Xbox 3602941d ago

And I thought LBP was the plateau of gaming innovation. LBP2 seems to raise the bar even higher. Media Molecule are geniuses.

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Rock Bottom2941d ago

I doubt it will come out in 2010, too early. Sony will probably save it for next year.

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MexicanAppleThief2941d ago

Easily GOTY 2010, there simply is no contest. Jesus you can make you own genres for fricks sake!! Gameplay mechanics, AI, HUD and so much more can be manipulated!!!

Sevir042941d ago

I cant wait to see this game running. OMG!!!! this alone just PISSSED over every other game announcement for this year. MAKE YOUR OWN 2.5d RPG like odins sphere... and then you can link them togetherso they flow. OMG!!!! SONY and MM is amazing.. Stuff like this shouldn't even be on this current gen of consoles... yet it is.

The only console i ever need. PS3

KiRBY30002941d ago

i love you media molecule!!

SaberEdge2941d ago

This does sound great. The first LBP was such a unique and enjoyable game and the new editions and enhancements for the sequel sound amazing.

D4RkNIKON2940d ago

"LittleBigPlanet 2 Set for 2010 Release"
But when does the LittleBigPlanet2 GOTY edition release?

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sinncross2941d ago

"This time around, you'll be able to create your own RPGs, FPS, platformers, racers, and any type of game genre you can think of"

Wow... considered me intrigued!
I do hope they aren't being overly ambitious here!

MattyF2941d ago

If anyone will live-up to what they say, it'll be MM. Can't wait for E3 now.

Ghost_Sparta2941d ago

"This time around, you'll be able to create your own RPGs, FPS, platformers, racers, and any type of game genre you can think of"
-That make me feel very excited and curious about this game!!!!

UP2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

you are terrible at counting.

sikbeta2941d ago

WOW... LBP2 Will Be HUGE in So Many Ways and Genres...


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VegaShinra2941d ago

Originally, I thought it would be impossible to see a real sequel to LBP but MM has certainly delivered on that here. Bring it on!

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