Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project for XBLA

Xboxic Reports: "The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has recently rated ‘Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project’ for the Xbox 360. The game was originally a PC hit in 2002, and is a fast-action 3rd person game in a rich 3D environment. Listed as being development by 3D Realms, the game has been rated: Mature, containing Blood, Gore and Violence."

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Elven62848d ago

If it is actually being published by 3D Realms I can see it doing well enough to get that company back to a certain level of operations. Games like Shadow Complex have done great, plus you always bet on Duke!

Cajun Chicken2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Yeah, I had this on PC, excellent game. Bit different for those of us used to his FPS and TPS adventures, but great, great game.

Also, interestingly...3D Realms didn't actually develop this one on PC, it was ARUSH.

The legend of Duke just won't die, sorry, but I'm still awaiting a next gen outing, just not 'Forever', that concept is dead to me now.

(Yeah, I am aware that Duke's first games were 2D sidescrollers, but y'know, it didn't really make him BIG, that was Duke 3D, in other words, this game is a return to the original form, with the redesigned, cocky Duke from '3D)

sinncross2847d ago

They should consider a PSN release.