Sony President, Canadian Spokesman deny 60 gig phase-out

Sony of America's Dave Karraker says that the quotes obtained in an interview with Sony Europe's David Reeves in regards to a 60 gigabyte Playstation 3 phase out, inaccurate.

Sony Canada spokesman Kyle Moffatt backed Karraker's claim.

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Phantom_Lee3844d ago

its like a tag team match
ONLY ON PPV!!! order now!!

anyway,I dont really think 60 is going anywhere for a while even they going to cut it...but if they going to cut it, we probably wont see any after Nov-Dec

Razzy3844d ago

LOL!! You'd think these dudes would conferece call each other and try and get this story straight. WTF is going on??

aiphanes3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

With a bundle pack with motorstorm and resistance and an extra controller. IF Europe is not going to get the 80Gb then there are still making that new 60 GB model comming to the states in september 2007 will not have the PS2 chip in it and be 65 NM on the Cell.

Bloodmask3844d ago

They are just spinning it a little. "He says they have ample supply for the foreseeable future."

Those are the PS3 that have already been produced, probably in the millions. It doesn't mean that they will be making more. It is just a neat play on words.

ALIEN3844d ago

I hope SONY cut the price of the PS3, because i think they would do much better and the PS3 will sell much faster.

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The story is too old to be commented.