The Escapist | 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

It's a funny and charming little game, but it plays the retro card a little bit too much. A lot of the gameplay feels very dated in a modern game, and you can't make the same allowances for age that you can with an actual retro title.

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DigitalHorror812936d ago

I own it. It's an 8.5. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm so sick and tired of these ridiculous reviews looking for hits. The game is SOLID. If you like Zelda, it's a must buy for PS3 fans.

asdr3wsfas2936d ago

The only people who think these games feel dated never really liked them in the first place. I don't get how they can give sf4 high marks with a straight face while ripping on games like this and NSMB.

I'm getting this game very soon.

Bordel_19002936d ago

The Escapist Magazine are bought and paid by Microsoft, they only give X360 games good scores.

Bodyboarder_VGamer2936d ago

come on man, are you serious ? xD

2936d ago