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3D Dot Game Heroes is a pleasant retreat for anyone who pines for the good old days, but even those without nostalgic links to the past will find an enjoyable experience.

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redDevil872877d ago

I won't buy it this month, to many games coming out. I'll probably get it in the summer when theres a lul in games. Graphics are really nice.

TheROsingleB2877d ago

Knowing Atlus's past, this may be a title that will be hard to get a hold of after the first run without paying more for it when it is out of stock in stores. Hold off if it's not a top priority, but just go in knowing that it might not be available after a little while

beardpapa2877d ago

I wonder if this one is cheap. I remember when Demon Soul first came out, Fry's had it listed for like $39. After it became immensely popular, they bumped the price up to $59.99

TheROsingleB2877d ago

As far as I know, it will be $39. Thats's what it's been listed for on Amazon for (currently, pre-order price is $36.99)

FACTUAL evidence2877d ago

Cool review. I won't get this game anytime soon since Alan Wake is coming, but this will definitely be on my "get" list.

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Cenobia2877d ago

After reading the review, I hope they do a 3d dot heroes 2 with he play, create, share mantra. That could be pretty kick ass.

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kaveti66162877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

This game's visual style is so backwards. Technology didn't advance from 8-bit characters to 80 thousand polygon characters just so that we could go back to the blocky style.

If everything else in this game is perfect, the developers still deserve some criticism for making the game look like this.

SnuggleBandit2877d ago

uhhh i think you are missing the point....

Pennywise2877d ago

Swish, right over your head! haha...

Homage to the old school era. That is the appeal here.

TheHater2877d ago

You have completely missed the point of this game.

sikbeta2877d ago

No Guys, he's Right, we need "da Cryssiz Graphicz here" on this Particular Game that it suppose to be that way for a Reason, like "emulating" an old school RPG Game and such



Max Power2877d ago

::Begins to write witty comment...reads it again, shakes head::

AKS2877d ago

WTF? He can't be serious...right?

cmrbe2877d ago

A game that plays homage to 8-bit era games by looking like U2. That makes perfect sense right?.

Also, i though graphics don't matter to you x360 folks?.

Anon73492877d ago

I fear for the human race.

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UP2877d ago

then why are you here

dizzleK2877d ago

go play your flashlight shooter. see, ps3 has a wide variety of games. other console's fanboys think variety means that the protagonists use different guns.

sikbeta2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

You're right, Why the Devs Made this Game, Damn It!!! what a Waste, they could do a FPS!!!!


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