XBox Live Trash Talk

Xbox Live is an online multiplayer service created and operated by the Microsoft Corporation. Through Xbox Live, players can link up with their friends and foes across the entire country, whether they are in Boston or Peru. To communicate with your teammates, Xbox Live has various headsets you can use, from wireless to plug-ins that go into the controller. This headset is used to strategize with your teammates, but ever since Xbox Live came out in 2002, the headset has become one of the biggest impediments to play with constant trash talk that can disrupt and ruin your online experience.

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Jedward-2994d ago Show
playstation_clan2992d ago

its full of nerdy 14 year olds. where else can they talk trash? in high school?

chadwardenreturns2992d ago

I once had xbox live and those cretins were trashtalking all the time ruining my experience, then thankfully i found solace in the mature enviroment of PSN

0LDSCH00L2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

This story is just more troll food. Anybody that has a 360 should be aware that it supports a pretty good mute feature that's very effective when actually used.
If your online with friends--the 360 has a party chat system as well, where up to 8 people can "party up" and jump from game to game, while never having to be subjected to any obnoxious behavior outside their party.

ironwolf7772992d ago

I'd rather put up with trash talkers than listen to a guy like this whine and moan about something so insignificant. If trash talking little kids distress you to the point of writing an article like this ... you really need to cowboy up just a bit.

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