New Super Mario Bros. Wii Hits 14.7 Million

CVG writes: "Nintendo took Mario back to his old-school ways with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and it clearly paid off. The 2D platformer has sold an incredible 14.7 million sales worldwide since its launch in November last year (December in Japan)."

"And it's still riding high in the latest charts, having come in fourth in last week's Japanese weekly sales charts with 44,000 sold. Wii Sports Resort which hit stores (and hardware bundles) earlier last year has racked up 16.14 million sales, while Wii Fit Plus has done 12.65 million worldwide sales."

"Million-sellers on Wii as of the end of Fiscal year ended March 31, 2010 totaled at 79. Expect that to rise when Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the new Zelda, among others, arrive this year."

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Joule2998d ago

I know im missing out, but I havent played it yet.

Bnet3432998d ago

My mom would love this game so much. Could be a nice Mother's Day gift he he. She plays the heck out of New Super Mario Bros. DS. Part of the reason this game gets appeal is that it's a very easy game. Good job Nintendo.

Seferoth752998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Game includes the guide mode because its not an easy Mario game. At least not compared to the DS version

DeckUKold2997d ago

This game is easy this is easily the hardest Mario game to date casual gamers will not beat this game

2998d ago
Anon19742998d ago

This is the one game I regret selling my Wii before I got a chance to play. A buddy of mine picked it up and I must say, it's an absolute blast. What really worked for me is they ditched the motion controls and went with just a regular video game. Oh sure there was the waggle to move your bubble and an attack, but the main play did without the motion controls which is what really killed the Wii for me.

More power to Nintendo for their success with the Wii, but I have to say they lost me on this one. Waving your arms around, poor tracking, losing your controller pointer every time you get near the edge of the screen. I've always been a huge Nintendo fan but the Wii and it's motion controls simply weren't made for old school gamers like me. Maybe Nintendo can find some middle ground next gen.

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Hank Hill2998d ago

14.7 million?! That's more than Moder Warfare 2 and Halo 3 so by fanboy logic that means that Super Mario Bros. Wii is the best game this gen.

- Ghost of Sparta -2998d ago

It sure is. I'll be sure to bring this up whenever they'd attempt to play the "but we sold 2 million before you did" card.

Foxgod2998d ago

No, by common logic, its the most successful game this gen.
Bigger sales = bigger success.

Britney Spears2998d ago

big sales mean hyped with false quality.

kaveti66162998d ago

It's not more than Modern Warfare 2. MW2 has sold at least 18 million copies on the 360 and PS3 alone. PC numbers are sketchy but overall MW2's sales are head and shoulders over any game released this year.

Gr812998d ago

He meant on a single platform. You know a game has ridiculous sales when someone has to compare a game across 3 platforms and compare to 1.

Don't worry though it'll be like the GTA4 V MKWii sales battle of 2008.

seinfan2998d ago

Mario games are like the hip hop/rap/r&b of gaming. A lot of like it. But most of the games aren't great and they all basically play the same.

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eagle212998d ago

This game deserves it, it's fantastic. It's good to see more Wii owners buying the more traditional gaming software on Wii. :)

Fierce Musashi2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Holy crap! It did have long legs.

RememberThe3572998d ago

It'd be more surprise if it didn't sell this many.

eagle212998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Wait till about November again, it will reach 20 million easy even before Thanksgiving. Only 6 months and 14.7 million? It's seriously moving units. :)

tunaks12998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Game deserves it. Its a blast to play with my friends. We need more platformers, be it 2d or 3d. Im seeing a retro renaissance on the wii, and thats awesome. Out with the generic FPS and in with the platformers.

Nathaniel_Drake2998d ago

yup this is why nintendo needs to stay, its keeping 2D alive

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