Microsoft: 'Gaming will popularise 3D'

Digital Spy writes: Microsoft Games Studio creative director Habib Zargarpour has claimed that video games will be the media which really popularise stereoscopic 3D home entertainment.

Speaking to Gamasutra at GDC Canada this week, Zargarpour said that the success of 3D is "up to the game content... much more so than film and broadcast".

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Teehee2778d ago

Agreed, the Ps3 will be the trojan horse for 3D content.

lociefer2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

thts right ms, we'r just wait for Sony to lnch it

SKCShifty2778d ago

3D will take of when Microsoft say's.

RememberThe3572778d ago

At least your consistent. I'm beginning to miss the open zone...

kaveti66162778d ago

I don't enjoy 3D very much. But if 3D standardization forces developers to up the frame rate, the resolution, and the visuals to make the 3D look good, then this will be good for the games overall.

RememberThe3572778d ago

I thought that Avatar did 3D very well, but I'm wondering how well that will transfer to my couch.

Jedward-2778d ago

Apparantley they will have the weakest 3d capable machine but i see your point /s.

crazyclown2778d ago

3D is critical for success in this market and Sony+Nintendo are already going for it.

Microsoft seems to be slow (as always?)

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