Epic: PS3 is "Ideal" for Unreal Torunament Mods

TG Daily could tell right away that the game was really tailored for the PS3, even though an Xbox 360 version is slated for next year. For example, a new hoverboard is controlled using the controller's motion sensitive Sixaxis technology, and allows the character to move at twice the speed of foot travel.

"I don't even know how we'll do mods on the Xbox," said Morris. He said the PS3 online network is very developer-friendly. Mods could even be downloaded directly from the PS3 via the Internet browser, or brought over from a PC by way of a Memory Stick. Xbox Live has a very closed system, and takes around two weeks for a developer to get a new piece of content on the Xbox Live Marketplace."

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hotshot12374020d ago

espicially after all the negative

nomad1174020d ago

what did i say talking in caps lock will not make you sound smarter

sumfood4u4020d ago

PS2 started it now PS3 is finishing it! Sorta Speak! Xbox fans don't be mad, you got your exsclusive Halo 3 right?

fenderputty4020d ago

It's like one flame war thread after another.

funkysolo4020d ago

With a server people with PC would be able to download their mods directly into the game, where as xbox live is P2P they would have to downloaded through market place, so user created content would never get approved by M$

Razzy4020d ago

Xbots getting pounded left, right & sideways the last few days.

Bill Gates4020d ago

Dude is that you in that picture?...LOL
fuk is up with your hair?...Super LOL

@fenderputty...I was thinking the same bro. This is HELL WEEK for the XBOTS..hahaha

Razzy4020d ago

You don't like my hairdoo man? Jealous.

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The story is too old to be commented.