Planet Minigolf To Feature YouTube Replay Support

PushSquare: "There's a better case for arguing what isn't in Planet Minigolf. With Zen Studios having already announced Playstation Move support and an extensive "Play Create Share" sub-mode - what could possibly be left? Well, YouTube upload support for one. Which is something the developers of Planet Minigolf have now committed too - stating the game will allow you to directly upload some of your best shots and rounds directly to YouTube via the PS3."

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InfectedDK2818d ago

Could end up being a great'n'fun way of trying out PS Move without it being to expensive.

karan86242817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

...Can i pull off crazy shots? Will it let me?

Like, pic up the ball with the club, toss it up and then baseball bat it?


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