Halo: Reach Beta Gets Invasion Mode

Bungie has announced that Invasion mode will be added to the Halo Reach beta tonight.

The firm Tweeted earlier:

'FYI Invasion should be available in the #Reach beta around 11AM PDT today.'

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SixZeroFour2811d ago

sweet, this is the game type ive been waiting for

im sure many are kinda getting tired of the same 1 flag, slayer, swat games (im not however) and this should bring in some breath of fresh air, spartans versus elites

it will also give us a taste on what it will take to beat legendary covenant in the campaign as well...lastly, it will be the first glimpse of the covenant and human vehicles...if any of you watched the opening clip of the beta, you will notice the new first personish view in the warthog, looked visually appealing, cant wait to test it out