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The latest Game Informer review scores include Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Super Mario Galaxy 2, ModNation Racers, and Skate 3,

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Valay2664d ago

Well, I can't deny that Red Dead Redeption received a great review. Super Mario Galaxy 2 did pretty well, too.

-Alpha2664d ago

God I want Read Dead but I also really want Mod Nation.

I just hope I don't get bored with Red Dead like I did with GTA IV. I am very cautious of the title.

blitz06232664d ago

I agree. I got bored with GTAIV pretty fast and I really hope RDR is a more intense title. I wasn't looking forward to this game until my friend started spamming me with all kinds of trailers which got me interested. Then the score just makes it more interesting, not to mention the preorder bonuses different stores have. I'm definitely getting RDR.

hazeblaze2664d ago

I'm getting both RDR & Mod Nation... both are must have games for me!

raWfodog2664d ago

What turned me off of GTAIV was everybody always calling me to hang out. Thank god for no cell phones in the wild, wild west :)

yoshiro2664d ago

gooood I was expecting that...great score, probably we have a GOTY here!!^^

inveni02664d ago

What's nice about RDR is that its review isn't as hype-based as GTA4 might have been. GTA4 was technically awesome, but there just wasn't much to do in the "open world", so it got boring. I think that RDR's score might have a lot more to do than GTA4 had.

Now, I'm REALLY anxious to see what Agent has to offer. GTA4/RDR tech with Blu-Ray's storage limits? Yes, please!

Ri0tSquad2664d ago

I don't think it'll get boring as quick as GTA IV did. Yeah, sure it's a sandbox game like GTA IV, but it seems like no other game has managed to capture the setting as well as Read Dead Redemption (based on reviews I have read, videos I have watched).

The_Count2664d ago

I can't wait to count every mile I travel!

ah ah ah

frankymv2663d ago

GTA was a great game but I got bored with it very quickly.

NeoSprtacus2663d ago

Don't be so quick there with the telephones...

mal_tez922663d ago

GTA IV gave me about 5 hours of gameplay before I got too bored. Red Dead Revolver was good though, so I hope the sequel is too.

Shang-Long2663d ago

I've been wanting a racer for a while. I'm not a hardcore racing fan so gt5 isn't for me, and I was busy with other games to get either motorstorm. So modnation is perfect for me me. It's LBP mixed with Mario kart what's not to love :) can't wait

arakouftaian2663d ago

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UltraNova2663d ago

My worries as well guys. And blitz Rockstar is the best at'buying' people through awesome trailers! See GTA IV! Dont get on the hype train.. wait for some credible reviews and then decide..

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bjornbear2664d ago

i agree, im actually getting more of a Far Cry 2 fear

the whole "THE WORLD IS MASSIVE AND BEAUTIFUL" argument failed for them, now I hope this doesn't happen with RDR

still, good to see over all great scores, Super Mario still king =D Miyamoto never runs out of ideas =O

Mod nation and AW seem to be solid titles too, i just feel bad for AW SUPER HYPERS that made the game out to be 10/10 and GOTY =/ thats what caused it to get so scrutinized

velcry2664d ago

I must say, I was initially fearful that the game would tank because of all the negative publicity about poor working conditions, low morale, and other similar troubling reports about the studio working on it.

Very glad for them that their game seems to be turning out so well.

Guess this is going to be another must-buy!

Lifendz2664d ago

Hmm....gotta wonder if it's really that good or if R* is still reaping the benefits of GTA4 (which I thought was good but not nearly as good as the critics made it out to be).

I think I'll rent RDR and see for myself. Can't really trust reviewers these days because when they overrate a game they really overrate a game.

StanLee2664d ago

Red Dead Redemption is shaping up to be Game of the Year. It really seems to have the depth that GTAIV didn't. Looking forward to it. I'm getting Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake and Split Second all on the same day.

erathaol2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I also enjoyed their Lost Planet 2 review, way better than IGN's.

Inside_out2664d ago

Alan Wake and RDR for me too...RDR does look like the complete package...I think it could be GOTY...incredible graphics and atmosphere for both AW and RDR...honorably mention goes to....lost planet2...

Danteh2664d ago

Game-Informer's magazine is sick, RDR review (which is the only game in years that I have seen both PS3 and 360 fans equally excited for and not flaming... which is great cause most of us are gonna buy it), Little Big Planet preview, Gears 3, Mario Galaxy 2 review... wow :D

Echo3072663d ago

I agree. I was thinking the other day, there are SOOO many publications out there that get questioned when it comes to game reviews and console preference, etc.... Up to this point, I have never heard a single person try and talk about how biased GI is, or that their reviews suck or anything like that.

I've been subscribing to them since around the Dreamcast launch, and with the exception of only a couple of games, I usually agree wholeheartedly with their opinions.

Greywulf2663d ago

Anyone get it early? Hope the MP is better than uhm..GTA4.

Echo3072663d ago

Funny you should mention it, I was playing GTA 4 earlier tonight trying to mop up a few multiplayer trophies, and man... multiplayer is AWFUL in that game. A complete after-thought when compared to the single-player.

On topic, RDR is day 1 for me, as is Modnation.

dragunrising2663d ago

I'm glad that Alan Wake, RDR, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 received good reviews.

I was interested in Mod Nation but have read too many articles about long load times, which is disappointing to say the least. I feel that Mod Nation is a "sequel" to Mario Kart Wii in many respects. I hope a patch decreases this problem (pun intended) as it detracts from the pick up and play game play that would compel me to purchase it :-p

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Pennywise2664d ago

RDR - 9.75 - I pray with all my gamer might that this is not another GTA4 situation and the game actually is worth 9.75.

They also gave LP2, Modnation and Alan Wake 8.5... LP2 8.5?

BeaArthur2664d ago

I was kind of confused by the LP2 score as well. That game seems to be far inferior to the original. Excited about RDR. Hopefully that Game Informer will arrive today or tomorrow.

DelbertGrady2664d ago

I haven't played LP2, Modnation Racers or Alan Wake myself. Have you? If not, how can you claim that the subjective opinion of the reviewer is wrong?

I've played two demos of LP2, One which was great and one which was not so great. So it's impossible for me to tell if the final game is great or not so great.

Pennywise2664d ago

Soda, Don't get mad at me because I called you out about your 8million lead pipe dream.

LP2 sucks. It is not the same caliber as Modnation or Alan Wake. That's all I am saying. I played LP2 demos and I played Modnation's beta. I didn't say anything about AW except it scored the same.

So yeah... I am saying their review for LP2 is TOO GENEROUS... Based on every other review and my playing experiences with it.

MisterNiwa2664d ago

You played the Modnation Racer Beta and you actually think its worth a 8.5 and LP2 is not?

Dude, seriously, playing a demo and knowing the game already? Really?

How about, i shake your hand and already call you a bad person, would that be okay?

The Modnation Racer Beta was the worst beta i've ever played, just saying.
I dont know how the end game will be, but i hope it will be a lot better than the alltime lagging and unorganized beta.

Pennywise2664d ago

I did not like Modnation Beta... the loading SUCKED. the game itself was okay, but I am basing my opinion of quality on the reviews that have been coming out for Modnation AND Alan Wake.

What is wrong with you people? Call me a bad person? Why? A beta is a test for the game/servers/glitches... a demo is exactly that... a demonstration of the final game.

vickers5002664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )


Lost Planet 2 has a 75 on metacritic at the moment. I would hardly call that sucking. 75 only sucks for fanboys who don't care about gaming and only give a sh*t about review scores. The fact is, you CAN'T call out the quality of a game (credibly anyway) before it has been released that has at least a metacritic score in the 70's. You simply look like a moron.

But from the sound of your last post, all you give a crap about is review scores. Besides, you haven't even played it yet, let alone Alan Wake or Mod Nation. How do you know the caliber of those games? They could be just as overhyped as gtaIV. Anything ps3 exclusive on this site is always overhyped and with Alan Wake, I have a feeling it's getting overhyped review scores because the 360 crowd hasn't had a good game in a long time, so sites that loved 360 before, will ignore all the negative things in the game and give it a high score regardless of whether it deserves it or not, just so they can hope that the 360 is making some kind of comeback.