E3: id's Carmack working on DS game

Electronic Arts has announced that the award winning Orcs & Elves will be making its way to Nintendo DS, while the second installment in the action-fantasy saga, Orcs & Elves II, will be released on mobile.

Created by id Software and developed by Fountainhead Entertainment, the first title in the series (pictured) is one of the first games developed specifically for mobiles to cross over to another game-specific device. Following its mobile release it picked up numerous awards including Game of the Year at the 10th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

Combining first person action with fast-paced tactical RPG gameplay, the DS version will "feature higher graphical fidelity, more levels, items and monsters as players explore a massive Dwarven kingdom riddled with ancient treasures and fierce enemies".

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The Snake3933d ago

Sweet. Just yesterday I was commenting on Advance Wars DS 2 being the first DS game in quite a while that really had me interested. Now this. It's about time. Now just bring the Bioware DS game and I'll be happy.